2019 Dog Shaming Calendar Is Here!

The new year is just around the corner so… If you didn’t get yourself the 2019 Pooping Pooches Calendar or 2019 Irish Farmers Calendar, thenĀ 2019 Dog Shaming Calendar might be your last chance to put something hilarious on your wall. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of dog shaming trend that’s still going strong on the internet.

He's not even sorry.


Partners in crime.

He's not even sorry.

He likes to eat walls.

I don't chew my food, I inhale it...

He licks the baby with terrible force.

The sandwich stealing criminal.

He barks at his own farts.

He eats crayons and poops rainbows.

I am so sorry...

He's not even sorry.

He humped a priest.

Shoe-eater caught. Finally!

He's a serial killer of toys.

He can't help it.

He just likes the taste.

He's not very smart.

They were delicious.

Partners in crime.

Poor little pug...


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