Funny and Clever T-Shirts

Designed by Zazzle


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Available here: “Show Me Your Kitties” and here: “If UR Happy & U Know It…

Designed by GWDIRECT

Created by MyFatherDaughter

Available here: “Ah Good Sir…” and here: “Cat Hair Is Lonely People Glitter

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Thinkin’ Bout Dat Summer Body…” designed by stupidstyle

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Designed by BetterThanPants

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Available here: “Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds” and here: “Where’s Your God Now?

Designed by AndysTees

Available here: “I Secretly Loathe the Colorblind
and here: “If the Man Speaks at the Sea…

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Available here: “The Toughest Lift of All Is…
and here: “Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In

Designed by HandsomePrintCo

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