Forrest Gump Rear Wiper Decal

If you are an avid Forrest Gump enthusiast, this is the perfect gift for yourself. Extremely friendly Forrest Gump Waving Arm Wiper is guaranteed to get reactions wherever you go – mainly laughter about the weird choices you make while shopping online for car accessories.

Forrest Gump waving.

According to the manufacturer, it’s both weather-resistant and UV-protected to minimize fading and cracking, so you’ll be able to enjoy this silly thing for years to come.

Forrest Gump waving.

Forrest Gump waving.

Forrest Gump laughing.

If you’re determined to spend some of your hard-earned cash on this silly thing, you can get it on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Forrest Gump Rear Wiper Decal”

  1. If I am careening down a hill in a lumber truck with failed brakes, and there are two cars stopped at the bottom, which one will I ram into? The one with a “baby on board sign” or the “Forest Gump wiper decal? Decisions, decisions…

  2. Lieutenant Dan, Ice Cream!

    The actual picture of Hanks on the wiper looks….weird. The eyebrows.

  3. What kind of psychopath are you, Anonymous? You would clearly avoid the Forest Gump car. Then when questioned by the police you would tell them about what Momma used to say…


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