7 thoughts on “Roses vs. Dandelions”

  1. A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too.

    A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. The Japanese say, if the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Every flower must grow through dirt. Every flower blooms in its own time. The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days. Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would. Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. Don’t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on the beautiful flowers in your garden. Open the bloom of your heart and become a gift of beauty to the world. Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. Even the tiniest of flowers can have the toughest roots. A flower blooming in the desert proves to the world that adversity, no matter how great, can be overcome.

    I think you’re dandy, and I’m not lion!

  2. Once went to a fancy restaurant in L.A. The waiter made a bid deal about how they “grew their own greens” for the salad. Salad arrives and its… dandelion salad.

    I’m, like, FFS… how hard is it to grow frickin DANDELIONS??

  3. The flower/weed is. Think less, write less, act more, be. And, for god’s sake, don’t write half page pseudo-existential treatises in th’comments of a clever/cute post.

  4. Dandelions are weeds, idiots. Just because something looks ‘pretty’ on the outside doesn’t mean it is the same on the inside.

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