Crazy Bacon Products That Actually Exist

Bacon Toothpaste by The Gift Oasis


1000-Piece Bacon Jigsaw Puzzle by Aquarius

Bacon iPhone Case by Accessory2Geeks

Realistic Bacon Soap by OutlawStore

Bacon Bow Tie by Menscharming

Raw Bacon Earrings by shayaaron

Bacon Mints by Accoutrements

Bacon Sunscreen by Stupid

Bacon Condoms by J&D’s

Bacon Wallet by TheWoolFish

Bacon Shaving Cream by Stupid

Bacon Scarf by Natalie Luder

Bacon Air Freshener by Stupid

Bacon Dental Floss by Accoutrements

Bacon Lip Balm by GingerandWaldo

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks by Accoutrements

Bacon Body Wash by Accoutrements

Bacon Bandages by Accoutrements


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