Top 10 Drunk Yoga Positions

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial to your mind, body, and soul, but there are those out there who would argue that drinking can do the same…

Drunk yoga position.


Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.

Drunk yoga position.



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  1. Anonymous May 15, 2019

    A lot of these people appear to be homeless. Way to make light of the homeless!

  2. Manonymous May 15, 2019

    How does one “appear” to be homeless? Disheveled? Dirty clothing? Passed out? Way to make assumptions about the homeless.

  3. Yogi May 15, 2019

    You don’t need a home to do yoga ;-)

  4. Anonymous May 15, 2019

    A lot of these people just appear to be drunk.

  5. Filth May 15, 2019

    Sad and not funny.

  6. Flirt May 15, 2019


  7. Batman May 15, 2019

    Nice work!

  8. Anonymous May 15, 2019

    Homeless or not, these people clearly have issues with alcohol abuse. This is not very funny. As a student of counselling, I find it quite disturbing that a complete lack of empathy has been shown in this situation.

  9. Anonymous May 15, 2019

    Clearly biased and sexist – all the yogees on the left are female and all the drunks on the right are men!

  10. Anonamouse May 15, 2019

    LOL – These people aren’t homeless, they’re Russian.

  11. Balkan triangle May 16, 2019

    Well, some are from Bosnia :)

  12. Anonymous May 16, 2019

    As a Lithuanian alcoholic who was formerly homeless, I find my people’s lack of inclusion incredibly hurtful.

  13. Anonymous May 16, 2019

    why is this planet populated with so many Debbie Downers?

  14. Downward Dog May 17, 2019

    I find this very uplifting to know drunks are performing yoga!

  15. Anonymous May 18, 2019

    as an Irishman I feel excluded.the irish perfected the bumasana look.

  16. Hugh Joergen May 18, 2019

    It’s possible to be empathetic and amused by this post. I thought it was funny and I have no choice but to feel empathy because I, myself, have struck some of those poses after overindulging. Lucky for me, I didn’t live in a world where everyone was carrying a camera at all times.

  17. J May 22, 2019

    People, it’s called “Sad and Useless Humor” for a reason. If you’re going to complain, you should probably not waste your time here. Sheesh.

  18. Anonymous June 6, 2019

    Pretty sure I’ve done some of these w/o meaning to. Wasn’t drunk, just extremely tired!

  19. Anonymous June 9, 2019

    All you people complaining are just jealous

  20. Anonymous July 3, 2019

    I enjoyed the pics but I enjoyed the comments even more :) I am pretty sure I have been in similar poses just by tripping over my own feet!

  21. IndianaJoe November 14, 2019

    Hey… someone needs to lighten up… this is a humorous post…

  22. Anonymous March 28, 2020

    Well done!

  23. 😒🙄 January 6, 2021

    This is just sad😞 . And useless too

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