The Funniest Protest Signs From Trump’s Visit To The UK

As you’ve probably noticed, we love reporting posting about Trump’s adventures on this site. Currently he’s visiting UK, so here are the funniest protest signs made by some brilliant UK citizens…

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.


Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Litter and dog waste.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

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  1. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    These London maggots treated President Reagan in the same manner.

  2. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Thank you, Brits! I love all of your signs! Trump is a traitor to democracy and human rights. He is Putin’s Puppet!
    Trump is a wannabe dictator! We hate him too! He is morally corrupt and so is the TrumpCrime Family!

  3. Zelda June 3, 2019

    LOVE the protest signs!! Very clever! Ours are pretty dull but we’re so pissed off we can’t think clear enough to be clever. WE JUST WANT THIS ASSHAT GONE!!!

  4. Patriot June 3, 2019

    Remember all of your sentiments the next time we have to bail your ass out of another World War!

  5. Rachel June 3, 2019

    I maintain that comparing Trump to babies is an insult to all babies, but it’s the thought that counts.

  6. Dan June 3, 2019

    I’m American and I am so, so embarrassed by this miserable idiot. Please understand, we are not all like that. Most of us would never dream of doing half the things he does. He does not represent us. We are far better than that.

  7. Brigitte June 3, 2019

    This is got to be one of the most funniest sites I have ever seen you people really really good pick some ignorant piece of shit for a president and pick somebody that actually can do something for the Americans Obama was a joke
    You dumb asses much rather see a Bahma give money to the foreign countries didn’t help the United States as Donald Trump my hero has been helping do you nine it states think about that you dumb asses

  8. Mariposa June 3, 2019

    If Trump showed up for his “rallies” anywhere other than places he won, he’d get the same greeting as he is getting in Britain. Thank you, Brits! Love the signs.

  9. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    U.K. Tag, you’re it.

  10. Patty Egan June 3, 2019

    Thank you for taking the opportunity to express my thoughts so beautifully

  11. Rick June 3, 2019

    Can someone do a wellness check on Brigitte?

  12. Doro June 3, 2019

    I voted for Bernie Sanders, then Jill Stein in 2016. Bernie Sanders is guaranteed my vote for 2020. I believe Bernie’s policies, better than the policies of any other candidate, will help heal this broken country from the sickness that brought us Trump.

    I refuse to be embarrassed by a “leader” I didn’t support, didn’t vote for, and would NEVER vote for.

  13. Fed Up June 3, 2019

    Maybe the pubs were closed and you had no access to alcohol therefore you were looking for something to do. Maybe there was nothing good on the tele to wank off to so you decided to go out and protest. But if you limeys were not smart enough or strong enough to stave we Freedom lovers off 200 years ago, I doubt your pitiful signs and chants will do much to deter us just as your anemic King George did nothing to keep us from kicking your arse the first time! Clean your own house and take care of Ireland and then we’ll talk!

  14. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    To both Brigitte and Anonymous. Obviously you both have no clue what you’re talking about, let alone any of us knowing what you’re saying. Running sentences and incoherent rambling sounds just like the traitor in the WH.

  15. Troll watch June 3, 2019

    Brigitte – what part of Russia are you from?

  16. Dave June 3, 2019

    Somebody call the EMTs, I think Brigitte’s having a stroke

  17. Chinese Cdn June 3, 2019

    I’m a Chinese Canadian…let me tell you this in the simplest way: You (Western world) should all THANK GOD that POTUS TRUMP was elected and he is now TAKING ON CHINA! Napoleon once said: China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep. For when she wakes she will move (rule) the world! Many of you Western Liberals are SO Naive… you think the entire world just LOVE to see you living so nicely…and CHINA with 1B people there just LOVE to take that min wage pay from your western global enterprises as a “supplier aka modern day slaves”. Behind closed doors u really don’t know what China THINK OF YOU!! Let those TRUMP haters learn some Chinese and read those comments posted in China on this 2019 USA CHINA Trade War : China JUST CANT WAIT To make you guys their Slave. Make UK USA CDA their territory ! Make your grand kids speak Chinese! Make your grand kids get paid 1/10 min wage. The world is NOT that simple! Again IF CHINA has the chance, they WILL ALL WANNA pee on the West if they are stronger than USA or EU!! Trust me ! I know the culture. It’s too bad y’all don’t understand Chinese otherwise these naive folks WOULD BE ALL SUPPORTERS of POTUS TRUMP and kiss the grounds that he walked on!!! TRUST ME you naive Liberals! THE ENTIRE WORLD just Can’t wait for USA to fall esp China!!! Just so naive!!

  18. Anonymous June 3, 2019


  19. L. June 3, 2019

    Brigitte, troll much? Don’t you have some vodka to knock back, comrade?

  20. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    This is outstanding to see the world protesting we are one big happy family

  21. Cindy Lou Doyle June 3, 2019

    I cringe when I think of how the world is viewing is right now.
    Please know he Lost the popular vote won in electoral votes which frankly I don’t believe he won legally.
    He’s a racist, fabricating,egotistical ass.
    He cheats, lies , and has gone bankrupt so many times cheating the working class contractors and laborers.
    He doesn’t represent me or my America.

  22. Hristo June 3, 2019

    Lovely to see triggered Trumptards in the comments

  23. Nancy June 3, 2019

    These signs are the absolute best. As a U.S. citizen, we need laughter more than ever. Those of us who pay attention, are fighting for our democracy. THANK YOU for the comic relief!!!

  24. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Great job Brits! You guys rock! Thanks for maintaining the disdain we feel for the least presidently president. Keep those posters & insults coming! Baby balloon tomorrow ‘& the projections on your govt. Buildings comparing a real president to one that plays president on TV is awesome! Thanks for your support!

  25. eileen fair June 3, 2019

    I Love the British sense of Humor…Keep it up! You can make it as nasty as you like — we don’t care. We hate him way more than you do!!!!

  26. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    I served in the U S Air Force at RAF Lakenheath in the early 70’s so I am very much familiar with sense of humor the British have. After all they brought us Monty Python and Benny Hill.

  27. Matthew PASSMORE June 3, 2019

    Brigitte is an obvious Trash Dump a.k.a. Trump supporter. Reading her comments it’s easy to see ignorance is his support base. While your wonderful protest signs show your brillance in contrast to Trump’s empty headed darkness. Bravo 👏

  28. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Hi! Mr Chinese American guy, us Brits that hate Trump hate what he’s doing to China too, we didn’t vote for Trump and MOST people in the USA didn’t vote for him either! (Hilary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump did, like the UK, the American system of voting is nuts!) As for making the entire China taking over the entire western world because of what Trump is doing is not exactly fair is it?? Remember what happened to Germany when it tried to take over the world? NO country on the planet should rule over all other countries, not China,not the USA,not the UK, no where, war is stupid and causes only misery for ALL sides, regardless of who wins in the end. No country is an island any more, we should all be working together for ALL mankind. We are ALL human, we all bleed the same etc. Trump is an evil man, hopefully he will not be re – elected next year, that is all we can hope for. As for the Trump supporters on here, they, like Trump, love to show off how dumb they are by supporting him, I just feel sorry for them, it’s not their fault their brains are wired in their arse, xx

  29. Lori June 3, 2019

    I just wish to formally apologize for my forefathers throwing that ill-conceived revolution thing. They thought they knew what they were doing, but they couldn’t foresee how badly we’d behave or how nicely the monarchy would work out over time. Please ask Her Majesty to take us back. We’ll even put the “u” back in colour, flavour, behaviour, honour, humour, labour, and neighbour. I can’t guarantee harbour, rumour, or splendour.

    May I have one of the good biscuits, please?

    Seriously, you are the best. Thank you!!

  30. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Thank you, Brits. Keep it up. I am American. I love my country. I will be glad when we elect someone with President Obama’s dignity and class. Love your sense of humor.

  31. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    All of you dumocrats on here supporting the brits insulting your own president won’t win in 2020 because you won’t have the votes then either because you are not the majority just more dumocrats promising things they can’t deliver nothing new and I guess y’all forgot we left England to start this country for a reason but you don’t respect anything not your elders not our flag not our president I wish this was not your country either none of you ever kept your promises to move damn shame

  32. Janet June 3, 2019

    No more OLD WHITE MEN. please.

  33. Fark Doro June 3, 2019

    Doro, you stupid moron. You helped elect Trump by throwing your vote away on Jill Stein. Go self-fornicate in the fornicating ocean, you stupid maternal fornicator.

  34. Wexel June 3, 2019

    Doro – voting for Bernie will RE-ELECT TRUMP. Is THAT what you want?

  35. Suzanne June 3, 2019

    To all you Americans trashing Trump….why don’t you move to Britain if it’s so bad here??? Sore losers!

  36. Lovethebrits June 3, 2019

    Most of us Americans are HORRIFIED by the ignorant, racist, angry, ill mannered person in the White House. Trump supporters on this thread are easily recognized by their ranting and raving as well as for their deplorable grammar. (We are also horrified by his supporters.)

  37. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Thanks for the humor! It gives some respite from brooding on the political tragedy unfolding in my country.

  38. M. Ladd June 3, 2019

    My fellow Americans suck at humour. I doubt much of this will make the news here. If you have ever been here, you know how bad the journalism is.

    My husband said that he has faith in the people to make the right decisions come the next election. I said I was certain the average German thought the same.

  39. Lying Trump June 3, 2019

    Alot less people that support Rump in the United States than you think, News Blackouts so if you support Rump, you can visit him in Prison after he loses!

  40. A real Canadian June 3, 2019

    Mr. Chinese not very Canadian…shut the front door. If you love him so much please become a chines american

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