The Funniest Protest Signs From Trump’s Visit To The UK

As you’ve probably noticed, we love reporting posting about Trump’s adventures on this site. Currently he’s visiting UK, so here are the funniest protest signs made by some brilliant UK citizens…

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.


Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Litter and dog waste.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

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  1. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    Socialism and liberals are just great. i arrived in SF as an asylum seeker with a boy i called my son… I now receive over $42,500 a year in handouts from you the generous US taxpayers, free health care too.Thank u america… now back to work getting all my friends and family here to enjoy the handouts

  2. Anonymous June 14, 2019


  3. Anon June 14, 2019

    Peoples like talking out of Trumps arse- I.e.mouth piece

  4. Dood June 15, 2019

    Hahahahaha YEEESS 👌🏻

  5. Anonymous June 16, 2019


  6. Anonymous June 16, 2019

    Such a fake comment

  7. Anonymous June 18, 2019

    To are British friends the majority of Americans voted for Clinton. But Trump has all the racists, Nazis, alt right, pollution deniers, chicken hawks, and other low life. The joke is on us.

  8. Tina June 19, 2019

    Now if these lovely people would put this creativity to better use. There is so much absolute blind hate in this world, it’s unreal and notice the smiles as these people have their pictures taken with their clever signs, as if recognition makes them light up. Love should be what makes us light up, not trying to be clever and gaining rewards and recognition from men.

  9. Anonymous June 19, 2019

    Great Signs! We hate Trump – He needs to be gone!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous June 19, 2019

    The majority of Americans voted for Clinton! Our electoral college is an outdated relic that needs to be sidelined!

  11. Daphne June 20, 2019

    How clever and hilarious. The signs the memes. But seriously folks don’t forget to actually go to polls and vote next time!

  12. Bobby June 21, 2019

    The next time you need help saving your country from destruction call the Russians.

  13. Alvin June 22, 2019

    Trump wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in his face.

  14. Anonymous June 22, 2019

    FUNKY NASSAU — In my eyes he is not the President – he is a dictator. If, G-d Forbid he is re-elected, the Republican puppets in the Senate will do all they can to rush through an amendment allowing him a third term. Remember Hitler was elected by the people (even though Trump was not). Hitler also got rid of all the people he did not like – Trump does the same thing, except in a different way.
    Trump lies about everything that I wonder if his name is even Donald John Trump. Granted, after 5 or 6 more lies to clean up his mess, he eventually comes close to the truth. He even lied about where his father was born.

  15. Derrick June 23, 2019

    The election of Trump says more about America than does Trump’s actual behavior. That our political leaders kowtow to him and refuse to call the man on his illicit activity and behavior says more about them (and ultimately the voters). To the rest of the world: it’s the American people you should be shaming and not the mouthpiece for the stupidity of the electorate. It’s the Americans (us, I am one of them) that constitute the ultimate problem.

  16. Anonymous June 24, 2019

    I blame the senate majority leader, you know the guy Trump put his wife in charge of transportation. The GOP is letting him get away with damn near murder. How can we watch as children are being harmed and caged? Could you see any of Trumps kids being hauled off? You all know what happens when things come back around. None of it is going to be any good.

  17. sqeeks June 24, 2019

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  18. Anonymous June 26, 2019

    So the word clever must have a different meaning in England, in America we call this attempt at mockery pathetic.

  19. That guy Tony June 26, 2019

    Thanks for the signs, people of the UK! If you’re an American, maybe you should finally vote like your life depended on it? Low turnout among Democrats in the “blue wall” (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) is what got Trump elected. We can fix this in 2020…then that orange haired clown goes to either state prison in New York…or The Big House on Federal charges!

  20. Anonymous June 26, 2019

    Can’t wait to see what Karma comes back to do to the House Of Trump.

  21. Anonymous June 26, 2019

    Obvious troll.

  22. MJ June 27, 2019

    Thanks UK for your support of the RESISTANCE! We hope to vote him out. What to do with his supporters??? Got any anti-brainwashing substance?

  23. Meg June 29, 2019

    I laughed so hard I cracked a rib!

  24. Leanne June 30, 2019

    As a proud American Citizen, I’d like to say that the majority of us LOVE our President! And you really don’t have a say in it at all since he isn’t yours! So **** off!!!

  25. Anonymous July 3, 2019

    As a proud American citizen, Leanne, I’ll say that the majority of us do love our President Obama! Oh, wait a minute — you really meant, someone that wasn’t actually elected by a majority of the American people, but by a quirk of the U.S. electoral process. Well, the majority of the American people went with Hillary Clinton, not the wanker that’s in office now. And, by the way, other nations DO have a say in how they deal with our presidents. Just see how much they will support him when America needs the international community to help us with some crisis he’s gotten us into. And such filthy asterisks, too! Tsk, tsk.

  26. Anonymous July 6, 2019

    extremely bad taste and childish. I would be ashamed to be one of them. they have No self respect!!

  27. Antonia July 6, 2019

    One would need to be as immoral, as dumb, as racist, and as money driven to support a lying machine as Donald j. dumb.

  28. Stu Lewis, USA July 7, 2019

    I’ve always loved the British.

  29. Art July 8, 2019

    I know a great free market capitalist who inherited a small farm in Ohio…related to him in fact.

    Does no farming but says he is an auto mechanic yet…fixes no cars either. He tells me he gets $10,000/yr. from the state of Ohio and get this, $50,000/yr. from the feds, both in farm subsidies. NOT to farm.

    Then this great free market capitalist, goes every Sunday morn down to The Olds Saw Pub. There he and other farmers compare subsidy checks while bitchin ’bout those welfare cheats.

    Isn’t that precious ?

  30. Phil July 10, 2019

    You Trump haters make me laugh… You all hate him but you cannot state why! Oh you can call him names, you are very good at that, but you cannot state in plain English the reason for your hatred. And when you call him a name, such as “Racist” you offer no proof. I have heard Trump speak many times and have never heard him utter a single racially motivated statement. Just because he wants to protect USA borders does not make him racist! We do the same here in the UK!
    You are all pathetic.

  31. Anonymous July 10, 2019

    Looks like England has switched from tea to CNN cool aid. What a bunch of tossers. BTW how is your Muslim invasion going?

  32. Anonymous July 11, 2019

    God bless the British … they know much better what a pile of @#$# America is in than the people that live in America :-(

  33. Anonymous July 13, 2019

    All great reasons to cut off England and see if they cab survive on their own.

  34. Brad July 31, 2019

    What makes this terrific humor is the accuracy of the depictions of this totally uneducated POTUS fool. Dirtbag Donnie actually brags in his book “The Art of the Deal” “I’m smart I never cracked a book in college.” Yes – Dumbbell Donnie I can totally believe that because it shows – you have no formal education your father bought you a degree without you ever doing any work and acquiring any education! Your daily incompetence totally demonstrates this lack of any formal education to everyone.

  35. . August 2, 2019

    Yes, please! Thank you for this gem!

  36. Anonymous August 13, 2019

    what a joke these chump lovers people hear only what you choose to hear and see only what you choose to make rediculous statements like chump is kelping America to be a better country and the fact is he is making America look like a cheap carnival side show.what a great president who locks children in cages,who has been accused of sexual assault by several women,calleed immigrants non human,rapists and thieves,praises putin,kim and white supremists,nazis and the kkk.wake up,losers and look at what you fake president is doing to you and everyone else.him and moscow mitch are going to ruin this country.

  37. Try Me Trump August 14, 2019

    “IMPEACH HIM BY THE PU$$Y” my favorite

  38. Anonymous August 14, 2019

    Say what ever you want at least he’s keeping to his word for the most part a flopped on around like a fish out a water unlike Hilary, Obama, etc. when it comes to political issues. I say yes still way better than that ancient windbag named Hilary Clinton

  39. Anonymous August 14, 2019

    In a nutshell GO TRUMP

  40. Bette August 15, 2019

    Absolutely LOVE these signs. Most Americans hate this fool too. Worst thing to ever happen to our country. Separating families, throwing children in cages in concentration camps… America has become Nazi Germany.
    We MUST vote this ******* out!
    Kentucky, wake the hell up and vote Moskow Mitch out! He’s destroying our country.

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