The Funniest Protest Signs From Trump’s Visit To The UK

As you’ve probably noticed, we love reporting posting about Trump’s adventures on this site. Currently he’s visiting UK, so here are the funniest protest signs made by some brilliant UK citizens…

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.


Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Litter and dog waste.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

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  1. Clownzee June 7, 2019

    Thx UK, that was great, Britain!

  2. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    I wonder how many of those signs were paid for by George SOROS

  3. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    Great comment on our dear presideny

  4. Florida, USA June 7, 2019

    The British are wonderful!! We have to put up with this f——g clown every day, so we’re always looking for ways to laugh. Thanks for this . Just know that if anyone invites him back there—He’s yours forever.

  5. John brooks June 7, 2019

    Honestly I quit caring what you brits think back in 1776. And again in 1812 next time we should just let you get used to eating sauerkraut Trump 2020.

  6. Yes, I'm Larry June 7, 2019

    Thanks so much, British friends and allies, for some damn clever humour! This is one guy about which I’ve found very little to laugh, but a well-placed barb just kills it every time!!

  7. T Morton June 7, 2019

    Thanks British friends for protesting and making up these clever signs. As a US citizen, I don’t see nearly enough criticism of him here, at least not enough to my liking. We just can’t reelect him!

  8. Maryann June 7, 2019

    Thanks, UK, these are all great!!

  9. anonymous June 7, 2019

    Grateful for our UK allies!! Thank you for helping us laugh through this terrible time!! #notmypresident

  10. Linda June 7, 2019

    Thanks all who protested in the UK. The idiot in the White House is mostly despised here in the USA. Only the mouth-breathing, bigots worship him.

  11. Tim Kearney June 7, 2019

    I think all of these signs fully support Trump’s assertion that the British people absolutely ADORE him, and all came out to show their support of his policies. It’s as obvious as the moon being part of Mars, or the fact that windmill noise causes cancer.

  12. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    Its a shame you only get CNN and never hear the truth.

  13. Edie June 7, 2019

    Thank you UK! Keep Calm and Keep the signs coming. I loved everyone except the corgi. My corgi has better taste (and sense) than to eat a phony orange comb over

  14. Jay June 7, 2019

    WolfBrother 6/7/19 After the beautilful show for our Demander in
    Chief, I’m delighted to have some British in my ancestry!

  15. Erik1986 June 7, 2019

    Me mum was born in Nottingham, but moved to Canada, then US. Thanks to all the Brits for telling this malignant narcissistic bully off. I’m somewhat insulated from the worst of his idiocy since I live in California, but every day I dread reading the news. It’s a good thing I don’t suffer from high blood pressure or I’d have a stroke!

  16. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    Hilarious! Thanks British friends for the laugh. Wish it was a laughing matter here in the states. He’s tearing things apart over here.

  17. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    To sin by silence when they should protest make a cowards of men. Thanks

  18. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    Fantastic! Trust me –there are many people here in the US who can’t stand this absolute joke of a president. Thanks for the support!

  19. Linda June 8, 2019

    But but but…they adored him. Or so he said. 😂

  20. Spike June 8, 2019

    The Chump described this demo as “Fake News”. But, then he would say that.

  21. Mary June 8, 2019

    Rule Britannia! Thanks for some much needed laughs.

  22. Nila V June 8, 2019

    My favorite, IKEA has better cabinets, although all are appropriately funny and sobering! Thank you!

  23. cdn June 8, 2019

    you UKs rocked it, so happy to see these up close like couldn’t see on what you call the telly. trying to pick a fave, difficult.

  24. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    Thanks to the forefathers for their addition of enough checks and balances to keep Dotard from ruining this country. To all of his mouth breathing, moonshine drinking supporters: your mom’s in her bed waiting for you.

  25. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    Thanks to our British friends across the pond, who FEEL OUR PAIN

  26. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    You Brits have his number 👍

  27. Econ Prof June 8, 2019

    The Brits used to be clever and have ideas. This crowd is simply vulgar and entirely lacking in substance. What exactly has Trump done that is wrong… ok I know US unemployment is less than half that of UK and US real economic growth is twice as high. Perhaps they are jealous or just ignorant.

  28. Pat June 8, 2019

    Thanks British friends, wish our own would protest as courageously as you do.
    We are suffering every day, but our House in Conhreed is going to save us.
    Keep it up!

  29. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    The baby is a “social-path”

  30. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    Thank you all Brits, we are with you!

  31. Georgie June 8, 2019

    Ha ha ha ha ha! You guys are the best!

  32. Jess June 8, 2019

    Good job lads, fair play – you’ve managed to piss off a few eejits in the states.

    On a side note- I do love the idiotic comments on here thinking British people are ignorant or jealous and that they’re vulgar. Nothing short of unoriginal cack from those lacking any real comprehension of the situation in the UK. So salty..😂😂

  33. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    What is it with the SOROS nonsense ? The Brits don’t need money to speak Truth to Power – they have been doing it for Centuries – Cardboard signs are free and so is the Press and the Public to speak their minds.
    Only FAKE in sight in sight is Donald Trump, FAILURE business man, UNFAITHFUL husband, NASTY father, SPENDTHRIFT son, Bully boss, IGNORANT President, EPIC nightmare for the USA.

  34. ZMAN June 8, 2019

    Why the streets in America aren’t filled with people like this EVERYDAY is a real mystery. Sorry to say; our country is jam packed with racist idiots who are actually stooges for the Corporations that have bought the government lock stock and barrel. (gun barrel = NRA) Bless you for standing up to this incompetent fraud. Now it;s our job to put him and his cronies where they belong. In PRISON.

  35. Muriel O'Donnell June 8, 2019

    He actually tweeted a pic of a crowd of Liverpool football fans who’s come out to cheertheit team and claimed they were cheering for him!!

  36. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    The Commander in Cheat new book by Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly. Cheat a golf, cheat at business, cheat everyone and even yourself. Head to Dante’s lowest level when that time comes sooner than later.

  37. LR Dormobile 1960 June 8, 2019

    I have a slogan for you straight out of Trump’s speeches: Make American Great Again, Lock Him Up!

  38. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    His supporters always resort to someone being paid to do something, when they don’t know what else to say. Or they announce that it is fake news. Somebody help us!!!

  39. Bob Speth June 9, 2019

    Yes, after trumpty-dumpty fell on his wall, we really do need to make American great again.

  40. EricM June 9, 2019

    The “Soros” comment is British humour. It is pointing out how ridiculous the conspiracy theories are. It’s fascinating to watch the stories being spun and photos of groups of people standing talking being presented as proof of protesters being paid off.

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