Fictional Self-Help Books by Johan Deckmann

Copenhagen-based artist Johan Deckmann examines the complications of life through clever titles painted on the covers of fictional self-help books that appear to tackle life’s biggest questions, fears, and absurdities.

How To Gain Instant Success by Lowering Your Standards


How To Mistakenly Assume That You Have Everything Under Control

How To Keep Yourself So Busy That There Is No Time Left To Face Your Problems

How To Stay Silent So Others Keep Believing That You Are Smart

How To Turn Your Stupidity Into a Sexy Attitude

How To Confuse Vodka With Water Every Day Several Times

How To Feel Valuable by Doing Things That Destroy You

How To Put Up With The Same Things Year After Year

How To Use Silent Treatment In a Street Fight

How To Spend Your Life With The Wrong Persons Because You Are Afraid To Be Alone

How To Keep Quitting Bad Habits In an Endless Series of Half Decisions

How To Give Up On Yourself To Be Loved by Someone Else

How To Keep Doing The Same Old Mistakes And Expect a Different Result

How To Be So Hard To Love That You Are Easy To Leave

How To Wake Up Every Morning And Spend Valuable Time Building Somebody Else's Dream

How To Want It When You Can't Have It And Get It When You Don't Want It

How To Stay Silent So Others Can Stay Comfortable

How To Rise The Value of Your Art by Dying


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  1. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    You have just given the true names to all of those cheap psychology millions earning bs “books” designed for walking empty buckets… Congratulations! The sad thing is that when named like this you wouldn’t earn those millions.. Even though it’s absolutely the same content :) Perks of human stupidity, ay?…

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