Awkward Trend: Dinosaur Cat Haircuts

There’s a new trend among cat owners: dinosaur style grooming. It’s even gaining some traction among viral Instagram trends under #DinoCut hashtag. What’s your take on this? Leave your opinion in comments.

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?


Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

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  1. LYN March 15, 2019

    theres a lot of yelling i live in az. hot as hell here NO meats don’t go out side but still its hot in hose with air and all but didn’t like the dye colors on them but the last no didn’t look happy at all but if my cat would let me do one not to the extreme i would love to lighten her hair amount int the summer

  2. Rav March 15, 2019

    Cats have whiskers all over their bodies. When their coats are shaved, the whiskers get shaved too, which can be really uncomfortable and disorienting for the cat

  3. Tuesday March 15, 2019

    This is really mean. Who thought this was a good idea or cute.

  4. Sassy March 15, 2019


  5. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    A cat’s fur keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Why are people so ignorant of their pets needs and their own selfish wants

  6. Cat DR March 16, 2019

    So your saying the more fur a cat has the cooler it will be? Ha Ha Ha!!!!

    P.S The body whisker thing is pretty funny to.

  7. Anonymous March 16, 2019

    Sick people. Throwing things to animals, force them to wear clothes, cutting the natural hair. It were better for the whole world, if you force a suicide for yourself

  8. Anonymous March 16, 2019

    If it is an indoor cat (as it should be for many reasons, but that’s another issue for another article), then the concern for warm or cold isn’t really relevant, and I see no issue with it. It is fur, and if they are indoors, good owners will ensure the temperature of the environment is appropriate. THE COLORING/DYE/PRODUCT IS ANOTHER MATTER! That is very dangerous, and even if it is labeled as “safe”, you KNOW that cats groom themselves a lot, and no, it isn’t going to be 100% safe as they WILL ingest that dye, and their systems are actually quite sensitive to things like that. BAD move on the product/dye additions. The furcut is just a furcut, and isn’t going to harm them.

  9. Drew March 16, 2019

    As a pet groomer i know that some breeds of cats are almost required to be shaved to ensure a comfortable life without matting AND overheating. Shaving a short haired cat (which these aren’t) can cause hair regrowth issues but for most long haired breeds are much happier and energetic without all the hot tangled hair on thier body. Not to mention animals with outlandish haircuts almost ALWAYS get more attention which makes them happier as well. Win win. As others said, i’m not an advocate of dies either.

  10. Holley M March 16, 2019

    Most do not look happy. Did they willingly sit still while a clipper was used? The one with the green on it’s face look especially unhappy. Send that money to starving children somewhere.

  11. Anonymous March 17, 2019

    Some are pretty damn cute! If the cats up to it I say go for! No dyes!

  12. Anonymous March 17, 2019

    Ridiculous! Cats are gorgeous creatures …. this is sabbotaging their natural beauty by making them look like stuffed animals.

  13. Anon March 17, 2019

    To the pet groomer…I question your validity if you say a long haired must be shaved to avoid matting. How about just grooming the cat’s fur on the reg. daily? Imo, if an owner cannot take the time to brush their cat’s fur in the event that said cat cannot do it themselves for whatever reason, maybe they should’ve thought of that before choosing a long furred kitty. Most long furred kitties I know are perfectly capable of keeping knots and matts out themselves. If not, then brush. It does mess with their ability to maintain their body temperature to shave them. Just like we cannot maintain ours without clothes. Dyes are absolutely unneeded and unhealthy. Shaving is something I can let slide even if I don’t agree with it, but dying? Oh boy…

  14. Laura March 18, 2019

    THIS IS SAD. Should be illegal. Show some respect to your pets please.

  15. Vanessa March 18, 2019

    What!! Why would you hurt the cat!!!!!!!

  16. Vanessa March 18, 2019

    That’s really could hurt don’t ever do that again!!!

  17. Terry the elder March 19, 2019

    None of these cats look happy or content. Don’t do it.

  18. Anonymous March 19, 2019

    This is absolutely horrible. Please find another way to use your time-start trying to figure out how to solve homelessness-offer free shaves for those in need. Good grief-go buy a stuffed animal if you want it to look like this.

  19. Matt March 19, 2019

    Another example of humanity meddling where they don’t belong. You just took an already beautiful creature that looks good just the way it is and turned it into something ridiculous and goofy-looking. The stupidity of humanity never ceases to surprise me. Though I will say, being that it’s on a website called “,” it definitely fits. Because those “haircuts” are exactly that.

  20. Sal March 19, 2019

    I think it’s creative just like anyone else who creates a design on their own head. No hair on my head keeps me warm or cold depending on the season. These cat owners must really love their animals and lots of attention to even want to do this. I find it unattractive but not offensive. You all know theses are house cats!!! You can tell they are pampered. I agree the dye could be toxic unless it’s some vegetable dye, let’s hope. BTW I have a Maltese and I love giving her pretty haircuts. We have fun bonding during the cuts!

  21. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Whoever does this to her cat deserves to be whipped.

  22. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    And we wonder why cats hate us.

  23. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    you is a good person

  24. Oldgeeb March 21, 2019

    WTF !!!!! Can’t believe anyone would do this to their cat , they should be shaved , tarred and feathered and have those pics posted

  25. Becci! March 26, 2019

    This is soooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱
    Cats were not made by God with so-called ‘dino’ haircuts!!!!!!!!!!
    Why torture cats?!?????????!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous April 3, 2019

    Not funny at all. The cats should be taken away from their owners and the groomers should be fired.

  27. Anonymous April 4, 2019

    This is 100% Awesome.

  28. Insert name here April 5, 2019

    the first one looked cool

  29. Lalla April 10, 2019

    They should have make a post on “dinosaurs cats’ owners” rather than the cats themselves. See the amount of stupidity elevating day by day…

  30. Beemberjams April 13, 2019

    I have no word for this it’s just weird…
    Who even came up wit this?
    I don’t think the cats really care though

  31. B marshall April 13, 2019

    Wrong– when cats get shaved, their whiskers are NOT trimmed… my cat gets trimmed every year. Shes good w it. Actually is cooler for her. Whiskers are long and luscious as ever. My vet is kind and gentle… no trauma.

  32. Anonymous April 14, 2019


  33. B. Howard April 14, 2019

    I think the owners should be shaved.

  34. Anonymous April 14, 2019

    This is terrible you should never do this to your kitty!!!

  35. Jessica Argyle April 16, 2019

    Every single cat looks miserable. Cruel practice done by people with zero empathy for their pets. If you need attention this badly get a hot pink mohawk yourself – or do you think that will make you look stupid…duh.

  36. Anonymous April 20, 2019

    Most groomers are very gentle, I have a long haired cat named Missie and she enjoys getting trims in the summer, but I do get the dyes they shouldnt put dyes in their fur!

  37. Cindy April 25, 2019

    I don’t know enough about cats to know is this is bad or okay for the cat. Maybe a vet knowns if this is okay

  38. Anonymous April 25, 2019

    Why why why??? Is this for the cat or for you? I believe God created them just right so leave them alone!

  39. Anonymous April 27, 2019

    Actually, their parents created them. Do you get your own hair cut, or would that be an insult to God?

  40. Feathers April 29, 2019

    The cats’ faces say it all – leave me alone!!!

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