Adorable Children’s Toys You Can Get on Etsy

Lovely Plush Cat With Human Teeth

Smiley the Clown

Zombie Teddy Bear With Exposed Skull

Loveable Little Rabbit

Pesky Salesman Doll

Big Bird Zombie

Cute Horned Baby Dinosaur Doll

Mr. Salad Fingers

Happy Smiling Teddy Bear

Beautiful Nutcracker Doll With Rusty Nail Arms

Sawdust Filled Russian Teddy Bear

“Sigh” The Whispering Doll

Slightly Haunted Bicycle Riding Doll

Zombie Mario

Blue-Eyed Reindeer

Angel Teddy Bear

Realistic Anatomically Correct Baby Doll

The Living Ted

Smiling Zombie Doll

Slightly Depressed Uncanny Creature


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  1. Anonymous December 22, 2018


  2. Anonymous July 27, 2019

    These are quite simply exquisite.

  3. Anonymous May 7, 2020

    These toys are just so cute! I’m getting them for my nephew <3 <3

  4. play cat play November 3, 2020

    my dude those are not cute really you’ll get nightmares trust me who agrees with me if you agree hit like so i get a like in my comment and this website is a liar those toys are not for kids

  5. play cat play November 3, 2020

    …scary i’m not buying those

  6. hi April 22, 2021

    OMG I said I wouldn’t buy one but I did! I got the living ted.

  7. Tea August 23, 2021

    Not so cute, but extremely creative!

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