The Weird World of Competitive Dog Grooming

Feast your eyes on the most outlandish pooches you are ever likely to spot courtesy of America’s most extreme dog grooming competitions. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to own pets… What do you think? Leave your opinion in comments.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.


Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.



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  1. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Photoshop “artist” gone wild.

  2. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Absolutely stupid!!!

  3. Poopi March 20, 2019

    Really sad and extremely useless. Well done!

  4. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Poor dogs!

  5. Meselfo March 20, 2019

    But it’s not even good looking…
    So why?

  6. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Cruel and unusual

  7. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Those poor dogs!

  8. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Pure cruelty..why don’t the owners dress up instead of degrading lovely dog’s!!

  9. Stupidpeople March 20, 2019

    Disgusting doing that to you dog. Bunch of sick people. People who do this to their pets should have them taken away and these “dog spas” should be permanently closed down.

  10. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    That last one was really amazing. I don’t think the dogs care. They probably like the attention

  11. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Totally ridiculous. Not sure what they’re trying to prove. A good cut and TLC is way more interesting.

  12. The Voice Of Reason March 20, 2019

    I don’t think the dogs mind one way or another, but I think there’s something a little wrong in the head with people that treat animals as accessories. That being said, amazing work!

  13. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    It’s obvious from the comments that few people understand the concept of creative competitve grooming, nor the exquisite care these dogs receive in the year or more prior to to the actual competition while growing enough coat for the competition.

    The dogs’ coats are shorn off shortly afterwards.

    Anyone who actually owns a poodle knows they only nice and fluffy for ad long as the are on a grooming table.

    Not you cup of tea? Fine. But get the facts before you speak. Otherwise you just appear ignorant.

    By the way, although I am a former groomer, I never did creative grooming because it wasn’t my cup of tea.

  14. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    This is very sick. It’s animal abuse and has zero aesthetic value. Kitsch. Those poor animals. (And they are animals, not toys.)

  15. Not today March 20, 2019

    These are stunning. The dogs get tons of breaks and strut like peacocks when they’re done.

  16. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    Looks like well cared for, well socialized dogs who get regular grooming, TONS of attention and who get to travel extensively with their people. As the owner of a dog who is creatively styled, I can tell you that he does not have nightmares about the big, red heart on his hip, as he sleeps peacefully in a $4000 bed, his belly full of organic food. He hates to be ignored and his style keeps him the center of attention.
    Let’s find actual animal abuse to be outraged about.

  17. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    Certainly worth the price of homelessness and lack of medical care for the poor so these clowns can have the money for this triviality.

  18. Anonymous March 21, 2019


  19. Jay March 21, 2019

    Just NO!!

  20. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    Extraordinary talent. Creative grooming is not about cruelty. These dogs are in no way abused. I vote AMAZING.

  21. Judgemental much? March 21, 2019

    This is an *art competition* for groomers where the canvas is the dog. The dogs are shaved after competition. To have the kind of coat to compete with takes months upon months to grow out. The dogs are probably used for competition less than twice a year. In the meantime the dogs are extremely well-cared for, get tons of attention, and live a pampered life. They have no idea what they look like. Please take the time to understand what you are seeing before spouting off accusations of cruelty or proclaimations of idiocy. And no, I am not a competitive groomer. I am, however, a dog owner/exhibitor and an artist and will say the quality of work is impressive, *especially* when you consider you are working on hair on a live animal! Kudos to the artists!

  22. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    Owning 2 Standard Poodles myself, I cannot imagine the fatigue these dogs to through. Just a normal groom takes about 4 hours and my dogs are completely exhausted. I can only hope these dogs are given plenty of rest, food and water during these time consuming grooms.

  23. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    this is awful. who the eff would do that to their dog?

  24. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    I think this is too much! I doubt the dogs enjoy it. It reminds me of all the little girls that enter Beauty Pageants and are made to look like adults!

  25. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    the dogs LOVE the attention, they are bathed on a weekly basis, fed the best food, massage, and stamina built up to be able to stand on the table for up to 2hrs. depending on the size of the dog. they are athletes in a way.

  26. Anonymous March 21, 2019

    the lion is cute, everything else is ugly and wrong.

  27. Anonymous March 22, 2019

    All of you are all wrong! These are the most pampered dogs you will ever come across ! As far as how long it takes the color is done in different groom Session as for me my dog is on the table no longer than two hours at a time that is a normal groom session and you space it out over several weeks The color last 3 to 6 months. the Products used are specially made for dogs and professional dog groomer! Opawz is the name look it up! Please do your research before you begin to bash them about there Dogs My dog is a show dog for a total of two hours in the ring The rest of the time she is my very spoiled pampered standard poodle that goes everywhere with me and my husband she comes to work with us she sleeps in our bed ! And she absolutely loves all the attention granite this is not for every dog If you have a dog that has anxiety she doesn’t like other dogs doesn’t like other people this is not for them . These dogs revive a lot of attention and they are happy and proud to receive this attention

  28. Anonymous March 22, 2019


  29. Anonymous March 23, 2019

    Ridiculous and very ugly, poor dogs !

  30. Anonymous March 23, 2019

    Hi! Groomer of 12 years here

    1. Every dog here has been trained for this. Grooming competitions have come a long way from just doing breed cuts. These dogs love the attention from strangers and the pampering from their owners
    2. All dyes are pet safe and vegetable base. No chemicals
    3. This is actually common practice among groomers that own their own dogs. Some clients even love it too
    4. Creative grooming is a long process which means bonding with groomer and dog. The dogs actually relish in this attention and ate not harmed during this process..

    It is not cruel
    It is not wrong
    Before you start lashing out about it maybe do your research

  31. Anonymous March 23, 2019

    Former dog groomer. I find it silly. I was never interested in this. With that said, the dogs are well taken care of, get plenty of breaks, love the attention, and strut their stuff.

  32. Anonymous March 23, 2019

    This is sick animals are living beings with feelings these dogs are not happy you can tell by the way they look people are just getting sicker and sicker 😡

  33. Anonymous March 23, 2019

    They’re all ugly

  34. Guymondo March 24, 2019

    They look like a dawg’s dinner…

  35. Anonymous March 24, 2019

    did it hurt them (the dogs)…say no more ….

  36. Anonymous April 9, 2019

    I can’t tell which way is the front on the mermaid one…

  37. Beemberjams April 13, 2019

    These are so cool! I wonder how they get the poodles to stay still to do all that?

  38. Anonymous April 15, 2019

    These are not photoshopped. I have seen one of the competitions in Vegas. Poor dogs have to stand for hours.

  39. TT April 30, 2019

    most of these dogs have that “just kill me and get it over with ” look

  40. Barbara May 30, 2019

    Poodles adore the attention. The dyes are natural. People are having fun. These dogs have regular lives in loving families and not mistreated. The nature of the poodle is fun and an unheard of capacity for adoring attention and grooming. Folks who think this cruel have no idea of real cruelty towards animals. These animals are loved, not neglected. Get a life.

  41. BArb June 4, 2019

    Really unfair to these dogs. it’s bad enough they have to go through a normal 4 hours grooming every 6 weeks or so but to expect them to tolerate this is really abusive,

  42. Anonymous June 5, 2019

    While some of these seem highly artistic, I never liked dressing up/transforming dogs like this. You could do the same to stuffed animals.

  43. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    Totally ridiculous, these are dogs,not stuffed toys,leave them to be dogs,go to the toy store you idiots!

  44. Christina Loo June 12, 2019

    Animals are not Accessories for goodness sakes

  45. Hanna June 12, 2019

    They look so sad, bad owners 👎👎

  46. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    So it’s OK to inbreed dogs with traits originally intended for the retrieval of fowl from freezing water, only so that they can be constantly groomed then paraded around as fashion accessories, but it’s -not- OK to use them for actual art? I sense hypocrisy.

  47. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    I don’t know if it’s cruel or not, but that’s only because I’m too busy knowing that it’s stupid.

  48. Liza June 12, 2019

    I work with canines and there is no way these groomers could use a dog that was not comfortable with being handled. These canines are regularly groomed because of their coats, handled correctly, so desensitized. I have seen these competition poodles directly and they really do have an idea of what is happening and a great sense of humor. It does mean I would personally do it, but can confirm they are comfortable and well loved. I hope that helps.

  49. Liza June 12, 2019

    … sorry typo … I would not personally do it … Thx.

  50. Lori June 12, 2019

    Oh you guys, come on. I seriously doubt these dogs are being tortured by this! :D They look pretty well adjusted to me. I used to dress my dog up when I was a kid, if she didn’t like it, she would just walk away. But, she usually just loved being with me and getting the attention. Stop being drama queens. Save your energy for the people that really are hurting animals in dog fighting pens and keeping them in tiny cages and breeding them for money. THOSE are the windmills you SHOULD be tilting at!

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