Remarkably Crazy Amazon Products

Horse Head Mask

Wear this latex mask with realistic fur mane to your next social function and watch as people scramble to avoid you.


The Daddle (Dad Saddle)

So much better than duct tape!

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

They LOVE it!

Lighted Slippers

See in the dark, feel the comfort and enjoy the convenience.

Doody Head Poo Flinging Game

Maturity is over-rated.

Yodelling Pickle

Great gift for the person who has everything except a yodelling pickle.

Banana Slicer

Perfect for when your parole officer won’t allow you to be around knives.

Handerpants (Underpants For Your Hands)

What’s cooler than wearing mittens or gloves on your hands? Underpants for your hands, of course!

Deer Rear Bottle Opener

Looking for the perfect “hunting lodge” accessory? No ifs, ands or butts, this is a staggering find!

Canned Unicorn Meat

Of course this isn’t as good as fresh, but who has time to hunt unicorns these days?

Pup-A-Razzi Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume

A MUST HAVE for every dog owner.

USB Pet Rock

Please Note: USB Pet Rocks don’t do a dang thing.


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