Craziest Etsy Finds

Pizza cat iPhone case. You know you want it.


Denture bracelet. Beautiful, right? Right?

Introducing the first EVER pair of beef jerky underwear. It’s called Brief Jerky.

Knitted facehugger (legs have clips so that it can be worn around the head).

This intestines necklace will attract many strange looks.

Chicken feet belt and necklace. Great for any occasion.

Knitted dissected frog. 100% wool. 100% crazy.

Doll arm earrings… Because why not?

Liver transplantation sculpture. Only $199 and this wonderful work of art is yours.

Cthulhu ski mask and mittens.

This thing is a decomposing kittie dish… Wow… Just wow…

Fleshlettes are ultra-realistic creepy sculptures that will haunt your dreams.

Tighty Whitey Bag is made out of a new pair of men’s underwear. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Miniature condom vending machine for your dollhouse.

Wide selection of stupid hats for your pug.

Incredibly tacky colorful crochet shorts for men.

Cat litter box ring with plastic poop in it. Very tasteful.

Shave & Play Barbie is unlike any other doll you’ve played with…

Maxi pad slippers. They make great inexpensive gifts!


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