Funniest Twitter Reactions To The Possible Vaccine Against Covid-19

Pfizer announced that early analysis of the Coronavirus vaccine it has been developing with BioNTech suggested the vaccine was a success. A promising development indeed. Twitter reacted to the news explosively… and hilariously.

The owners of Zoom reading that there may be a COVID-19 vaccine coming

Make sure your vaccine is from Pfizer and not Pfizer Landscaping.

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer researchers delay Coronavirus vaccine until they figure out how to make it cause autism.

Overheard a mum at school: ‘I won’t get a vaccine; I think scientists mess about too much.’ Then back into her car which she presumably found growing in a field. I’m tired.

Pfizer vs. introverts.

When I was 22 I was a temp worker at Pfizer. I was so bad at the job that I would fall asleep often & was eventually fired after I showed up one day at 11am when I was supposed to be there at 8. I'm not saying I discovered the vaccine but I'd like to think I was part of the team.

Pfizer gave us Viagra and now about to give us covid-19 vaccine. Wow what a firm

Thanks, Pfizer!

Where's the logic?

If you have stock in Pfizer, I’d like to discuss how we can become closer friends!

Pfizer will issue vaccines to only those who can pronounce Pfizer.

Oh no

Sweet revenge.

Great idea!

the covid vaccine isn’t going to have a microchip in it....... you already voluntarily gave up your biometrics and location data willingly to the phone you’re reading this tweet on. that is all.

ya bitch that’s why im making my boyfriend get one

Me the very second I’ve taken my vaccine

big day for pfizer landscaping and lawn maintenance

me finding out there’s a vaccine/me realising my job is literally booking covid tests

“I’m not getting a COVID vaccine so they can microchip me,” the man typed into his phone that tracks his every thought and constantly logs his location

Can't wait for the vaccine so I can finally go to a movie theater and lick the floor


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  1. Crashemup November 13, 2020

    Amen to them all

  2. Adthebad November 14, 2020

    for the truth about this bogus vax, search…. PFIZER COVID VACCINE FRENZY on Brightoen platform

  3. Notadthebad November 15, 2020

    You silly twit.

  4. Anon November 16, 2020

    google: Pfizer to pay 50m after deaths of Nigerian children in drug trial experiment

  5. Crashemup November 16, 2020

    That’s 50 million pounds, about $75 million dollars. Chump change for big pharma. They got off easy

  6. Anon November 16, 2020

    Well there’s also their 2.3billion payout one, of the highest ever.

  7. Anonymous November 19, 2020

    How in the hell are vaccines tracking devices? I agree with those comments above about your cell phones – you got your good old tracking device right there in your hand. Didn’t you see that ad on Fox for that new program called “NEXT?” If not, I suggest you do that.

  8. Dumbass April 8, 2021

    People nowadays will scroll to page 2 of Google to find a shady website that supports their opinion

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