18 thoughts on “So People Have Started Getting COVID-19 Tattoos…”

  1. Some people just like to ink their pale bodies..including the questionable superstars !!!
    DB do NOT go there. !!!

  2. The images of the viruses and toilet papers looks as if the virus is causing only diarrhea.

  3. Some of them do appear to have been tattooed by an artist standing 2 meters away, yes.

  4. Don’t believe anyone got these tattoos.
    Tattoo parlors are not in the “essential services” category, so they’re all closed.
    And even if they were open who’d be in such close contact with total strangers for an extended amount of time? These are all faked or photoshopped

  5. I’m a healthcare. I plan to get my very first tattoo and it’s going to be symbolic to the long hours I’ve spent away from my family, caring for covid pos. patients

  6. To Anonymous April 13, you are right except it does not say in what country or states these were done. Not everyplace was shut down as tightly as some. Could also have been done by a roommate or close relative who does tattoo?

  7. To those who think tatoo parlors are non-essential, may I present Governor Kemp of Georgia. He has re-opened body-art studios as essential effective April 24.

  8. This is awesome. No there not photo shopped. And many people tattoo them selves. You dont need a parlor to get a tattoo numskull. Anyways. Many people get tattoos to show a story of there life. I’ll definitely be getting my toilet paper roll ink soon.

  9. Some of them look technically well done by a professional. I like tattoos but I utterly reject the concept of making covid a permanent reminder. Especially the stupid masks. Masks need to be forgotten.

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