2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards Finalists Have Been Announced!

Comedy Pet Photo Awards is an annual photo contest where people are encouraged to send in the funniest pictures of their pets. This year’s batch of finalists has been announced, and today we are bringing you the best of the best, while also adding some of the funniest photos from previous years.

Funny dog photo.

This competition was created by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. They wanted to celebrate the positive and vital role that pets have in our lives. Moreover, they aim to encourage engagement around animal welfare. For example, this year they are donating more thank $10,000 to animal welfare charities. Meanwhile, the overall winner of this year’s competition will receiveĀ  $2,400. In their own words: “Some images are slow burners, so they really grow on you the more you look at them. But we all have our own idea of what makes us laugh, that is the beauty of it, there are no special criteria so we never really know how it is going to go and anyone could win!”

Two cats bumping heads.

Laughing horse.

Begging cat.

Smoking a cigar.

To see the full list of 2022 finalists, check out their site. Meanwhile, scroll down to check out the funniest entries from previous years!

Funny photo with a horse.

Drooling dog.

Smiling dog.

Standing cat.

Butt bubble.

Curious dog.

Vampire cat.

Excited dog.

Happy horse.

Comfy sitting.

Happy dog at the beach.

Flying dog.

Funny cat photo.

Like owner, like dog.

Funny cat.

Scary guard dog.


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  1. Wow, hardly any of those pictures are funny at all… There are maybe 2 pictures that made me smile a tiny bit. But most are rather animal (cat/dog/horse) showing their tongue…

  2. This seems like a really good waste of time those other comments r just haters that r jealous

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