People Who Think Earth Is 2019 Years Old

Some people make me wonder how they are able to function at all… Scroll down to see a list of Twitter users who believe Earth just turned 2019…

It's hard to believe that the Earth is 2019 years old..... Happy birthday to my favorite planet!!!


Can you believe it?!

Happy birthday!

You think you're old?!

Isn't it crazy?

Can't believe our planet is about to turn 2019 years old. Happy birthday!!

You're the best, Earth!

Can you believe it?!

Happy b-day beautiful Earth!

This makes me so happy!

So crazy the earth is only 2018 years old and we have already came so far. Here is to 2019 guys.

Isn't it amazing?!

So proud of you, Earth!

What a legend!

Happy early birthday!

Simply unbelievable!

I'm so excited!

Just imagine...

Kinda crazy...

Happy birthday, Earth!!!



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  1. Anonymous May 31, 2019

    do these people even listen in school? I cannot believe this.

  2. Anonymous June 4, 2019

    Have these people ever read a book, newspaper, etc.? How can such morons even exist in today’s world?!

  3. Anonymous August 12, 2019

    I Don’t get how it’s not 2019 years old, i know it isnt but i Don’t believe it. If earth isnt 2019 years old, then where did that number come from??

  4. whatsittooya September 10, 2019

    Some of these are probable ironic lmao

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