40 thoughts on “People Who Think Earth Is 2020 Years Old”

  1. Lol, what’s even more humorous is people can’t comment without bringing politicians into it!🤣🤣🤣

  2. They have got to be jokibg. No one us that dumb. Even the most extreme religitards believe it is 6,000+ y/o.

  3. Wait. I read one of these and thought it was just sarcasm, making fun of how everyone is making such a huge deal about 2020. I shared it, thinking it was extremely witty, but then I finally clicked on it. I now convinced that that guy and these other people really believe this now…. I am absolutely astounded now. How can they not know? How many people have we failed?… Wait! When did they think the dinosaurs roamed the earth? Was it all a big “Flintstones” episode to them?….

  4. Even really orthodox Christians believe the world to be 10,000 years old! Poor delusioned fools. Try 4.5 billions at least.

  5. I used to think people were generally just trying to be funny until Dr Combover got elected.

  6. I really don’t know what politics have to do with this but as it is generally the conservative group that believes time began with the Bible and that scientific evidence( such as evolution) is a fraud……..guess who ch group that tends to be

  7. Id bet money most of them are Democrats. Not because Democrats are dumb, but because the vast majority of young people are Democrats and these seem to all be very young people

  8. Dumb-asses, Jesus clearly wrote in the Bible that his father created Earth 6000 years ago. Read a book you idiots.

  9. Why exactly would anyone assume any of these to be serious? Seems like a typical internet joke. Not sure who the idiots are — the tweeters, or those laughing at them thinking they aren’t kidding.

  10. This *should* be taken seriously because some people are stupid. Many of them voted for Trump. Many of them are Conservatives and fundie Christians. That is why this is political.

  11. Also, if you’re saying without a doubt, that this was meant as a joke, then you a) posted it yourself as a joke or b) you know who did and that they meant it as a joke.

    To assert that it was meant as a joke and for neither a or b to the case, is assumption – which would make you the idiot, pal. The fact is, as I’ve said previously, some people are stupid and many of them have figured out how to turn on a computer.

  12. if you doubt the stupidity of these people just look at the advertisers on this web page! Perhaps there is a connection.

  13. I would not like to be the guy to break it to the people that think earth is “so old” that the earth is more like 2020 MILLION years old. (most likely more)

  14. I was going to give them a break and suggest they were hungover, but these are suspiciously well-spelled…

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