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F*ck That: An Honest Meditation

This useful meditation exercise technique will help you to gradually let the horseshit of the external world fade from your awareness.

If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans…

This video solves the oldest riddle of the ages: what happens when a meat eater embody the mentality of a vegan? As you watch these veganly insights in true ultra spiritual fashion,  make sure to take notes because this is very nutritionally educational!

If you found this video spiritually awakening and enlightening, make sure to also find out How to Become Gluten Intolerant. Why would you want that? Because being gluten intolerant is trendy and cool.

The Most Unsatisfying Video In The World

This particular video will make you feel uneasy, if not downright nervous. If you have OCD, you’re simply going to HATE this. I watched the whole damned thing even though it was total chaos in my mind.

Kids Crash Their Dad’s BBC Interview

Robert Kelly, the Professor of Political Science at Pusan National University, got a surprise visit from his sassy young daughter and toddler son while having a serious political discussion.