Proof That Hollow Bone Is The Best Treat For Dogs

Are you looking for the best treat for dogs? One that’s not too expensive, is healthy for your pet, and is also hilarious to watch? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This gallery proves that all your dog needs is a hollow bone. It will provide good nutrition for your pup, and countless hours of entertainment for you.

Dog licking hollow bone.

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Dark Humor Art Animations by Kajetan Obarski

Kajetan Obarski is an Amsterdam-based animator who specialises in turning artistic masterpieces into spectacularly surreal short animations. In her own words “I just collect objects, paintings, pictures from the public domain and then I create animations. I do my own photos and my own digital works for animations too.” As you can see, the result is glorious:

Funny art GIF.

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The Newest Dumb Viral Trend Is Throwing Cheese On Babies

Babies are inherently trusting. This is because, when a baby is born, he’s entirely dependent on her parents and other adults to meet his every need. This is not to say that babies have it easy because the newest awful viral trend that future generations will condemn us for is called #CheeseChallenge. It involves throwing a slice of cheese onto an unsuspecting baby’s face.

The newest dumb viral trend is throwing cheese on babies.

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