15 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Putting Stuff On Cats”

  1. I’d LOVE to know where to get the mice/rats in pic #3 for MY cat. I think he’d adore them, as they look big enough for kicky-poo.

  2. Koizoh
    Kicky-poo: where they grab something with their front feet roll over and kick it with their back feet. The way they stun prey.

  3. IKEA! Those rats are from IKEA. I fill a bag with them and then go about, hiding them in all of the displays, around the shop.

  4. Thank you for the explanation! The “poo” part, I admit, got me worried for a second… My apologies to Margaret.

  5. sit still… yeh, but how long? Several cats have that look of ‘you are SO dead’ and will go into kill mode the second after the photo was taken…

  6. The cat with the hairband on its head and comb, nail file and toothpaste on its body, is plotting revenge.
    I wouldn’t like to be the person responsible for decorating it like that.

  7. These cats are secretly plotting the takeover of the earth and will do humiliating things like let humans own them and be tortured. Be ready. #catswillrule

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