14 thoughts on “Is This The Greatest Dad Joke Ever Or What?”

  1. the way to respond to all dad jokes:
    man what a good joke. I can see the effort and thought it took for you to think of such an amazing and deep idea. It’s honestly so mind-blowing it deserves a Nobel Prize. Please, my superior, provide more of your intellect upon us measly commenters. How can your brain be this big? Only you know, as your brain is the biggest and mightiest here. I wonder how many years of schooling and mastership it has taken you to reach a point where you can type such a holy manuscript. Speaking of holy things, this should be a verse in the Bible. Your words should be hung up on every house. I wish everyone could have the power to lay their fingers on a keyboard and compose such elegance as what you have just wrote, but alas, not everyone in this world is prepared to have such a way with words as you. Your comment is just so amazingly, mind-blowingly perfect and insightful that not even the top Harvard scientists could compete. You, my good man, have such a wide knowledge of English and writing it is unfathomable.
    and yes i did copy paste this from my math class.

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