20 Strange Beauty Pageant Queens of The Mid-20th Century

Atomic bomb, sausage and mink queens… The vintage beauty pageants covered all kinds of things. I wonder why don’t we get these kind of beauty pageants today?

Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957

Sausage Queen, 1955

Posture Queen, 1957

Miss Magic Marker, 1954

Catfish Queen, 1954

Outdoor Health Queen, 1967

Ivy League Queen, 1960

Nebraska Beef Queen, 1969

Pet Festival Queen, 1965

Blueberry Queen, 1955

Donut Week Queen, 1948

Sweater Girl, 1952 and 1972

Miss Idaho Potato, 1935

Laughter Queen, 1961

Queen of Anti-Triskaidekaphobia, 1963

Queen of Circus, 1959

Hot Rod Queen, 1969

Mink Queen, 1960

Natural Pork Queen, 1961-62

Queen of Cuisine, 1964



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  1. Jeff December 1, 2018

    . . . .and don’t forget Miss Potato Chip! . . . Her line: “Dip, don’t scoop!”

  2. Dean December 1, 2018

    and if you’re wondering “Triskaidekaphobia” means The irrational fear of the number 13

  3. Anonymous December 1, 2018

    Great list, but one correction: it’s “National Pork Queen,” not “Natural Pork Queen.”

  4. Anonymous December 2, 2018

    Am I the only one who deems only the Potato queen worthy? I don’t really find any of the others actually attractive…
    Is it because of B/W effect? Hardly anyone looks good on black and white photo…

  5. Anonymous December 2, 2018

    Missed possum queen granny

  6. Anonymous December 2, 2018

    Potato Queen is hot.

  7. Beauty Queen authority December 2, 2018

    Triskaidekaphobia, Circus (shouldn’t shoot a tiger) and Hot Rod in that order…Atomic honorable mention

  8. Anonymous December 3, 2018

    I like ‘Natural Pork Queen’ better!

  9. Anonymous December 4, 2018

    Trying to recall who the reigning Sausage Queen is…Maybe Annie Cruz?

  10. Damn Dirty Hippies December 4, 2018

    Outdoor Health Queen is the epitome of 1960s garbage.

  11. Anonymous December 4, 2018

    Sweater Girl 1952 gets right to the point(s)

  12. Potato lover January 6, 2019

    Miss Idaho Potato 1935, rly? Wow, she has some immortal kind of beauty then. Even the picture looks way more modern. On another side, she’s probably way younger than the other “queens” displayed here. Found this one strange.

  13. olivia paul's enemy (herself) September 13, 2019

    oh, potato queen

  14. That one person... February 9, 2021

    and if you’re wondering “Triskaidekaphobia” means The irrational fear of the number 13
    Thanks Dean, I was just about to look that up. :D
    Also, your name reminds me of a kid in my school…
    Flying saucer?
    ring a bell?

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