20 thoughts on “People Share Their Funniest Autocorrect Fails”

  1. Funniest one that I had, sent “Headed to Siloam Springs” to my uncle and autocorrect chanyed it to “Headed to Duality”. My uncle replied with, “Have fun in Siloam”…I guess he had it happend to him too

  2. Not to be serious or anything, but considering how often autocorrect guesses wrong, I think it would be better to just leave your text as is and let a human being at the other end figure out what you meant from context.

  3. Rraghh Oh man. I have bad enough trouble with my typos. This is torturen. And I’m in the wrong keyboard.

  4. Dude we all have autocorrect fief. Wait no flair . No…fails. Jesus, like I used . Like I said. I hate autocorrect.

  5. My phone auto corrected “sad and useless to sad and USA less” f*ck you autocorrect.

  6. Muhaha! To causing such torrent is perfect! I am a atocorrect, and I… Dont evn worrk Oni myselt.
    Damnit, I ! Mean duck
    F u c killer
    Screw it I gove up

  7. My absolute favorite: Guy told me that he sent a romantic text to his girl friend, saying — or rather intending to say — “I’m thinking of you and dreaming of the future.” But autocorrect “fixed” that to “I’m thinking of you and dreaming of the fuehrer.” I was going to add a comment but I think it stands pretty well as it is.

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