10 Brilliant Christmas Gift Ideas

Fun and easy way to make your own personalized Ugly Christmas Sweater and win all the ugly Christmas sweater parties… which is obviously what Christmas is all about.


Talk about a gift that keeps on giving; each month reveals yet another beautiful pooch answering nature’s call. Also important: $1 from each “Pooping Pooches” calendar is donated to the Maui Humane Society to support animals in need.

Turn this Useless Box on, and it will turn itself off. That’s all it does. Marvelous, isn’t it? I bet your friends and family will love to receive one of these to see how much you care about your relationship with them.

There’s no reason a dog shouldn’t receive a ridiculous crocheted Christmas themed hat this year. I mean… which dog owner wouldn’t want to find this under their tree?

You haven’t achieved full coziness until you’ve nestled your little piggies into Maxi Pad Slippers. With guaranteed comfort and hygiene, your friend’s and family feet will never feel happier (if they won’t disown you for giving such Christmas present).

The Santaur is a Christmas tree ornament that is Santa in centaur form. No longer will Santa need his reindeer to travel around the world, he can simply use his magical and mythical powers to summon presents into your homes, similar to how Jesus does it.

Reindeer sex Christmas jumper pattern iPhone case. I have no idea why would anyone think that this is inappropriate.

There’s no better way to show your love for your little nieces and nephews than getting them Two Front Teeth Pacifier for Christmas.

Who wouldn’t want to get a new pet for Christmas? This Pet Rock is the perfect gift for someone who just haven’t enough space for a cat or dog. House broken, trained, and groomed. Comes with a walking lease.

Socks AND sandals: why not cut out the middle man? Once you got the Sock Sandals, you will never go back to traditional Christmas socks.


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