So Adult Pacifiers Is a Thing…

There’s a fair chance that you haven’t heard about them, but adult pacifiers is a thing, and there are even companies that make and sell them. The Dotty Diaper Company for example offers a wide variety of designs and colors, so you can choose an adult pacifier that goes well together with your outfit. Why would a grown-up need a pacifier? We have no idea. If you do, let us know in the comments!

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

Adult pacifier.

If you feel intrigued after viewing this gallery, and wish to start using a pacifier, check out The Dotty Diaper Company store on Etsy. We don’t judge. Let your freak flag fly!

45 thoughts on “So Adult Pacifiers Is a Thing…”

  1. What’s strange is none of the girls are suggesting to them to simply practice with a banana.

  2. This one teenage girl using pacifiers doesn’t make it an adult thing.
    There are of courses adults with oral fixation. But they do not use pacifiers, they invade the Ukraine.

  3. This was popular in the late 90s when ecstasy was big. People would wear them around necklaces during raves and chew on them while they were rolling.

  4. News flash! World going to hell in a handbasket provokes infantile behavior in teenage girls! Pink ponies and thermonuclear hijinks at ten!

  5. Ah jeez, some of y’all are clearly uninformed boomers.

    People can still use them for different reasons. Mental health is mostly the biggest reason.

    But y’know, instead you boomers are like “suck it

  6. *”suck it up”. Why do you think there’s so many young ones with mental health issues?!

    It’s completely fine and normal. They’re not hurting anyone using them.

    The only sane one here is the one who mentioned rave culture. Although it’s not used as much anymore, thank you for being civil.

  7. Has no one even considered what the part of the pacifier you can’t see looks like? It could be VERY adult! Feel free to let your imaginations run wild here!

  8. Literally a fetish thing. She’s wearing a metal collar with an O ring at the front. Some people use them as a coping mechanism for any number of mental health issues, or to mentally regress to a “childlike” mindset. Also, apparently some company made something similar to help with speech impediments back in the day. But mostly it’s a fetish thing. Same goes for diapers

  9. i use them as an anxiety calmer or when im rolling. there’s nothing sexual about it in most cases. most littles are sfw.

  10. people dont seem to understand anxiety and age regression is a thing. It can really help, whether you think so or not. It’s not about you. it’s about them, what makes them get through their day, what makes their life less stressful. So stfu and move on with yours okay?

  11. I love you, I want to buy these pacifiers. I love how you look with these pacifiers on!

  12. So people seem to be very one sided so Ima just lost the reasons why an adult or teen would use an adult pacifier. Also im pretty sure this shop is 18+ so that model is an adult. Also the teat (the part in her mouth) on these pacifiers looks how it would on a baby pacifier. I’ve looked at this shop.

    1. Age regression. Age regression is when someone mentally reverts to a younger mindset for many different reasons. It is completely sfw and some age regressors like pacifiers because they help them feel little or provide comfort.

    2. Some sort of kink or fetish. ABDL, DDLG, age play, and all that other stuff are kinks and fetishes that will sometimes use pacifiers. This is sexual.

    3. Stress relief and comfort. Some people use these for comfort and stress relief. These can actually help during panic attacks because it forces you to breath through your nose. It is also provides comfort and calm. Some people also use these to help them sleep.

    4. Part of a costume or as an accessory. This is self explanatory lol.

    5. Used by ravers to chew on. Apparently they would sometimes chew on pacifiers to offset teeth grinding caused by MDMA.

    Thank you for listening.

  13. Can you please stop despising every little thing? So someone wants to use a pacifier, big deal! There’s a large number of reasons why someone would want to, and I don’t understand the need to hate on what makes people happy. Telling people to grow up when they’re doing something that gives them joy is simply showing that you’re more immature than them. Just let people live their lives!

  14. I don’t understand why so many people in these comments (as well as this article itself) seem to be so hateful. There are many reasons why someone could use a pacifier, including age regression, as a costume, or to help with anxiety. Most common reason I think is simply has a coping mechanism. Whatever the case may be, why must you be so rude and judgemental towards people just because you don’t understand?
    They are certainly not doing anything that should affect you, there are worse things they could be doing. So just let it go

  15. Hi! Not gonna repeat anything said in the comments but another reason someone could use a pacifier is they could be a system (DID/OSDD. If you dont know what it is please look it up) and they could use it for a little, so they are technically and literally a child. Just… with a bigger mouth. Stop being inconsiderate. (Thanks to the people who actually defended people :D)

  16. Hi! So it’s usually not a kink thing! Age regressors and system littles use these as soothers! Age regression is when the brain rverts to a younger age to cope, and a system little is a child within a system (OSDD/DID). Pacis are used to make them more comfy or as soothers! Please don’t make it weird, because it’s not.

  17. So uh… yeah. I use one, I have friends who use one. Some is sexual, some is not. I’m a minor so yeah. Mines not sexual. Mine is little space,Sfw. (SAFE FOR WORK)
    I have sensory issues and anxiety, bad panic attacks. Look it up before you judge. Look at Sfw. Other ones are sexual, ew! Avoid those.

  18. People who hate really need to chill out! It’s mostly used for sfw purposes like other (more rational) people noted. Mostly anxiety, age regression, or as a comfort. No wonder people who are scared to talk to others about what they do being deemed “different” Don’t say anything. It’s like as soon as someone does what they like or what’s a healthy coping mechanism for them, everyone else blows up at them! It’s 2022 you guys. If it’s helping them and not hurting anyone else, why not? My heart goes out to the people that backed up this idea and to those who hated on it, you’re the ones who need to grow up.

  19. Okay I don’t know what provoked someone to make this but, are they hurting you? NO, so what’s your problem? You are obviously not aware of coping, sure some people use this as a kink but others use it to help. You weren’t in their life to see why the agere so don’t start now by inputting your hate. unless this is literally killing you, learn to don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.

  20. People always critize them. It’s true that some use it for calm down anxiety ,stress bu why people need to look the life of others
    If they need for special needs, ok
    First , try to put on their shoes. They had experience(trauma) and they tr to heal their inner child that is affected .

  21. If they want to use a pacifier, ok
    You don’t know their lives, what happened?
    Some use for comfort
    Age regression is a coping mechanism
    Is not a kink

  22. I’m an adult with autism and I sometimes use pacifiers as an alternative to the more popular silicone “chewelry”, which is usually much firmer and hurts my jaw after a while. It’s like gum, but I can fall asleep without risking choking on a wad of sugar and spearmint. Highly recommend, whether autistic or not, if you like to chew on things it’s a great replacement for pen caps, cuticle areas, and the necks of sweaters. As a helpful side effect, it also has somewhat lessened my smoking and snacking. Hope this helps :)

  23. These comments are honestly disturbing. You all clearly don’t know that ppl use adult pacis and other things to help cope with things wether it be anxiety or stress. Leave people be and mind ur own business. Maybe you should look it up sometime. And no, it’s not a k!nk unless you make it one which falls under the category of nsfw but we like to keep things sfw and it’s normally either voluntary or involuntary. Such things are referred to as age regression as a whole

  24. I use one sometimes :). And I recognize the girl in the photos from Tiktok. I use mine for stimming/anti-anxiety, but also in the context of DDLG. And I just think the bright colors and designs are fun to appreciate. Sometimes it’s more a prop that symbolizes a innocence, playfulness, dependency and freedom from responsibilty. Most adults who use pacis don’t use them all the time, they can take them out and function as an adult. They still work and pay taxes. And the ones who can’t because of mental illness, why would you make fun of them anyway? I guess it is a problem that more and more people are suffering from mental illness because they can’t deal with our toxic culture and toxic physical environment, but making fun of a harmless coping mechanism won’t help the larger problem.

  25. i still use them and im a girl i never got them taken from me so i just kept using them there super relaxing 4 me and i think there cute theres nothing wrong with still using them

  26. I use adult dummys with my partner (he is my caregiver) and in my own time – if I am overwhelmed at home and need some time to regress. I am a little, I have complex PTSD, so having the safe space with my partner to regress is wonderful for me and very healing for my inner child :)

  27. just started using one, and it’s a great personal comfort to me. Realized something I tried resisting after I quit tobacco.
    I need something to chew on times, I’m a chewer.
    Jaws busy, I’m more relaxed, focussed
    I see most paci women with that look in their eyes like they’re
    getting breast-fed. Such a sedative, simple pacifier

  28. People use adult pacifiers for comfort. (not all but most) It is not a kink or a fetish. Most people use it for Age Regression or Agere, which is a coping mechanism that helps people with trauma, stress, anxiety, and lots of other things. It is not the same as Age Play. It is completely fine if someone want’s to use a pacifier or anything else related. It is completely fine is you still think that it’s disgusting or that those people need to grow up, but please keep that to yourself and don’t spread hate! Hope this helps. <3

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