Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

With the Nessie Soup Ladle, your kitchen will be the site for all-new Loch Ness monster sightings.

Mr. Tea is an ideal teatime companion (and a great listener). He perches securely on the rim of your tea cup, so he fits all sizes of mugs and brews loose tea perfectly but won’t fall in.

Bogeyman Egg Separator is perfect for the kitchen that has everything but still needs a little something more.

Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater is the perfect method of turning holey swiss into holy swiss.

This Chicken bottle stopper will keep your wine fresh and keep your guests slightly amused at the same time.

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug is the classiest coffee mug in existence, even with the seat left up. Makes a great gift for people with shitty drink preferences.

Sharky turns water into dangerously delicious tea.

This brilliantly designed wine glass is so perfectly proportioned that now I drink ONLY 2 glasses of wine a day! Yay!

We’ve all seen the muffin top look before, but not like this

A clever Steamship steamer lid that seals in goodness as you cook, while letting out just enough steam to prevent boiling over.

Spartan Knife Holder is an instant conversation starter for any man cave.

Blood splash cutting board and spoon rest. A truly deadly kitchen set.

Brain Freeze Ice Tray will give your party guests something to giggle about while they’re enjoying cocktails.