This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

Completely Insane Men’s Fashion Collection – At this point I can’t even tell if fashion designers are trolling everyone or have they truly lost their mind…

Hilarious 1980s Haircuts – I hope these horrible mullets will never come back in style. Warning: you may need some eye bleach after viewing this gallery!

The Lamest Superhero Powers of All Time – “Eating Through Anything”, “Summoning Squirrels”, and “Turning Into a Ball” are my favorites.

Tombstones of People Who Died Laughing –¬†Sure, cemeteries can be scary, sad, and lonely places. But there’s also plenty of humor to be found there.

80 Year-Old Man Takes His Dogs on Daily Rides on a Custom-Made Train – This awesome guy routinely takes his group of rescued stray dogs for a ride on a custom-made open-air train made from connected converted blue plastic barrels, which he pulls along with his tractor.

15 Times Quiet Kids Were Up To No Good – As a parent I know that silence from the kid’s room is suspicious. Very, very suspicious…

Bridal Bouquets Replaced With Cats – Don’t worry, these pictures are photoshopped. No cats were harmed.

Can You Pickle Anything? –¬†Watch this guy find out if one can pickle chicken feet, a sandwich, and more. Warning: this video is slightly disgusting.

Honestly… What Did They Expect Would Happen? – Couple asks internet to photoshop out shirtless guy from an engagement photo, immediately regrets it.

Guns In Movies Replaced With Selfie Sticks – Since I’ve always been against violence, I strongly agree with the message here: make selfies not war!

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