Funniest Internet Finds of June, 2017

Signs That People Are Getting Dumber – After viewing this gallery I’m seriously worried about the future of the human species. Are we dumbing down to the point of extinction?

36 Cats That Should Be Put On Trial As War Criminals – Don’t be fooled by a feline’s adorable kitten personality, start to see cats for who they truly are: evil little furry killing machines.

What Breakfast Pastry Are You? – From all the stupid internet tests I’ve ever seen, this one is the dumbest. Can you believe that there actually is a quiz out there that lets you find out what breakfast pastry you are? Jesus Christ…

The Most Embarrassing Mugshot Hairdos Ever – Everyone suffers a bad hair day everyone now and then, but these mugshot hairdos depict a new form of indecent exposure.

8 Dumbest Martial Arts – Some martial arts are so absurd and useless that they would probably get you killed in real life. This article lists eight of them you should definitely avoid.

NASA Discovers The Origin of Moon Craters! – No monthly funny links list would be complete without a hilariously dumb animated GIF.

What Happens When a Dude Wears a Male Romper Around NYC – Spoiler alert: People will lose their damn minds.

Bad Pickup Lines – “Do you have 11 protons? Because you’re SO-dium fine.” …and other hilariously stupid examples. Warning: some NSFW language is used in this video.

What if Superheroes Were Hipsters? – Smug is apparently a superpower.

F*ck That, A Guided Meditation for the Realities of Today’s World – Gradually let the horseshit of the external world fade from your awareness via this relaxing meditation exercise. Warning: NSFW language is used in this video.

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