Amazing Little Known Science Facts




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  1. marianka June 20, 2014

    you should incorporate evolution theory in this

  2. Miznatrix June 20, 2014

    Wonderful. What a fascinating subject science is.

    • Angel June 27, 2014

      Did you know science is more than a subject in school?

  3. Ortheus June 20, 2014

    I like how, in the airplane air pressure pic, they put an image of male reproductive organs instead of the guys brain.

    • Anonymous July 19, 2014

      Doesnt matter.

  4. Anonymous June 20, 2014

    Tell me again, now. Who was it that paid a covey of people to think up and produce these posts?

    • My time was wasted June 30, 2014

      Yeah Really!!! Sad i thought I was going to learn something!!!

  5. Anonymous June 21, 2014

    What’s amazing is how much of that isn’t true.

    • animostistic June 27, 2014

      O.o Whats amazing is that you thought any of it was true

  6. Anonymous too June 23, 2014

    I guarantee someone will think this is factual.

    • mabel June 28, 2014

      Hahaha… ya think?

  7. Loved it June 25, 2014

    I particularly enjoyed the tears = brain sweating, and the magnets containing pieces of gravity. Gold.

  8. omg June 25, 2014

    Hilarious… truly

  9. Anonymous June 27, 2014

    I would like to enquire of the oracle why occasional tables are only tables occasionally. What are they when they are not tables?

    • Miss Nomer June 27, 2014

      Well. Periodically there are tables. I wonder then, are periodic tables and occasional tables cousins or twins?

  10. mabel June 28, 2014


  11. Anonymous June 29, 2014

    I sweat myself to sleep every night

  12. heena July 18, 2014

    love to read the little fact…!!!

  13. Leaf July 20, 2014

    I seriously doubt anyone will come along and think that those ‘scientific facts’ are true!

    • Factually Fractured January 19, 2015

      So, wait… Dinos didn’t really trap themselves looking for food?

  14. lolwa August 16, 2014

    good work but some photos are wrong

  15. Anonymous October 6, 2014

    Who the stupid had wrote these posts?… a danger to society…

  16. Anonymous November 22, 2014

    false ..alomst all the facts are wrong

  17. Factually Fractured January 19, 2015

    SMH to the people commenting “wrong” and “not true”, what sad life do you lead without humor and sarcasm?

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