Awkwardly Sitting Cats



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  1. Волера June 29, 2014

    Отличные котофеи, у меня тоже такой есть :)))

    • Anonymous October 29, 2014

      Love it!

  2. Cinny June 29, 2014

    Why does that dat have no ears? Very odd looking.

    • Janet June 29, 2014

      It’s a Scottish Fold. Their ears are kind of folded over.

    • captain obvious June 29, 2014

      it’s a Scottish Fold … cute species …

    • Iceshadow August 10, 2014

      Its a scottish fold tri-fold. rare and coveted cats. how old are you? (meaning the person who wrote the original comment) I am eleven and i have studied cats my entire life. ASK ME ANY CAT RELATED QUESTION I WILL MOST LIKE LIKELY BE ABLE TO ANSWER YOU CORRECTLY.

    • Anonymous February 28, 2015

      He’s a Scottish fold his ears fold over

  3. Anonymous June 29, 2014

    cats have to be cute so they can be loved and fed

    • jose July 8, 2014

      Then explain tarantula’s

  4. Matt June 29, 2014

    The cat with no ears is called a Scottish Fold, they’re specifically bread for that trait. If you look closely the ears are pressed close to the head like he was wearing a hat or something. There is another breed with folded eartips, I believe its called an American Curl. They curl back instead of down. Hope I helped.

    • Gowri sankar July 1, 2014


    • Anonymous July 2, 2014

      We have a Scottish fold. They are not bred for this , it is a genetic trait and abnormality.

    • John Adam July 19, 2014

      “They are not bred for this, it is a genetic trait…”
      Why is there a breed name if they’re not purposely bred for the trait?

    • John Adam July 21, 2014

      I am unintelligent…

    • Anonymous May 7, 2015

      Whatever that cat is it’s cute

  5. Angela June 29, 2014

    All those cats are cute. I especially like the ones that are sitting up straight with there legs hanging down. They look so prim and proper. Especially the kitten!

  6. Susan June 29, 2014

    Hilarious! So much for feline grace & dignity!

  7. Pete June 29, 2014

    That last picture is great! – I have a pretty shrewd notion that there was a quite unpleasant cat sound accompanying that killing look!

  8. Alexis June 29, 2014

    How come most of these cats are so obese?

    • JGS August 18, 2014

      I ask the same question about people

  9. Don June 29, 2014

    I would think they ate too much.

  10. Ashley June 29, 2014

    One of my cats is on here!!! The 7th photo.. The sweet gray cat… His name is Oscar! Can’t believe I found him on here! :)

    • Kelly August 11, 2014

      How neat!

    • char February 15, 2015

      The one sitting on the sink? :) nice!!

  11. Josie June 29, 2014

    I loved these! So funny! As a dog person, I have to say I am not surprised that “Sad and Useless: The Most Depressive Humor Site on the Internet” has no sad, useless, and/or depressive videos of dogs. :)

  12. Kalie Stern June 29, 2014

    I am a cat person and the person for Sir Hamlet and Prince Romeo. It’s their house and are good enough to let me live here. I loved all the great positions that these cats manage to get into.

  13. Carolyn June 29, 2014

    I REALLY like cats,have a great one for nine years,his name is BO

  14. Frances June 30, 2014

    In the pic of the Tabby sitting on his human’s lap… they look as though they are watching a favorite tv show together!

  15. Lester Young June 30, 2014

    Neither sad nor useless. Your comment is however.

  16. Anonymous June 30, 2014

    Cats help lower blood pressure; it’s a fact.

    • Jo. Unrau September 28, 2014

      So do dogs.

  17. cat sleuth July 1, 2014

    how can I submit a photo of my awkwardly sitting cat??

  18. abc July 2, 2014

    Photo 1 I like the best, but # 4 leaves me waiting for it to speak.

  19. Allison July 2, 2014

    Just having a cat to look at and laugh at is not sad and useless to me

  20. Irene July 2, 2014

    They look so much like people sitting in so many different poses. You almost expect them to talk.

  21. DOROTHY July 3, 2014


  22. cheryl July 4, 2014

    amazed by feline structure

  23. esther July 5, 2014

    I think most have been caught while cleaning their intimate parts!

  24. Fay-Lynn July 6, 2014

    Cats are more amazing than some people will ever know. I had one that was very protective of “her” home. She did let me live in it with her.

  25. emma July 15, 2014

    its so cute

  26. Sam July 28, 2014

    They don’t look sad to me. Useless? All pets are companions. I don’t understand why “useless” would be used in the context of these pics? They look like they are hanging out. Would you like your picture taken in these poses? And to be called sad and useless? (These are not angry or serious comments–just my opinion.)

  27. lucidgal August 2, 2014

    Specifically “bread?” Good lord.

  28. Lucy August 8, 2014

    You can tell they watch their owners a lot and it becomes second nature to them.

  29. Smokiechick August 8, 2014

    They’re evolving! Soon, they will figure out the can opener and humans will be redundant. Sleep lightly my fellow humans. Sleep lightly.

    • char February 15, 2015

      Haha!! XD TRUE!! Ours can open the oven!! And can get the food inside!!

  30. anna August 14, 2014

    They all look nonchalant, cats ALWAYS do.

  31. Amanda Poulson August 15, 2014

    I love these cats! They are so cute! I have one named Sampson and one named Snooki, I never see them sit like these cats though.

  32. liz September 5, 2014

    i want more

  33. Julie September 25, 2014

    My cat, Oscar, has sat in every one of the positions and I have never posed him once. His favorite position is the first one. He always reminds me of someone lounging on the couch, maybe watching TV.

  34. Jo. Unrau September 28, 2014

    Scottish folds are bred for that. It was the Manx that developed naturally. Most of my family came from Scotland, I’ve always been interested in cats & we had a Manx.

  35. rosabella February 14, 2015

    lol so funny theres one sitting n the toilet!

    • Anonymous February 15, 2015

      You can see that the toilet one is posed as you can make out the cardboard under the seat used to stop the cat from falling in the water. The others are brilliant though…

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