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  1. Carola August 21, 2014

    What’s with the carpets on the walls. Do they use carpets instead of painting or wallpapering?

    • JK September 20, 2014

      Traditional Caucasian carpets are handwoven, expensive, unique works of art/craftsmanship. Heard of similar fabric “tapestries”, that they used to hang in castles and chateaus in Western Europe? It’s along the same lines. It’s like “why would you put a pottery bowl out on the coffee table–you’re not serving food out of it–it’s just sitting there”? It’s a decorative thing, appreciated aesthetically. Also, fabric on the walls has two simply practical properties: 1) soundproofing, and 2) insulating.

    • Stan December 23, 2014

      the truth is – the walls are made with low quality, so it is hard to warm rooms. so to hold warm inside they use carpets, it helps against winds…carpets on floor cause there are no floor in many towns in the country

  2. Maria August 25, 2014

    Oooooh carpeeet… Eaaah carpet!!!! We love carpet!!! lol!!!

  3. Anonymous October 3, 2014

    Idiots! On the image with the machines room Ukrainian! And the sign on the cafe – also in Ukrainian! This is not Russia, it’s specially selected photos and some dirty Staged! Only a fool could believe such a Fake.

    • Lilshcho October 19, 2014

      Ok, cool photo with parking is from Ukraine – I see license plates with blue and yellow. And others are from Russia. Google picture search will help U anyway.

  4. Anonymous February 20, 2015

    Just what I always wanted… A huge assume picture of some dude looking down at me while I’m taking a dump… Wonderful. …

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