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  1. Love ‘em! Especially the guy getting married in his track suit. He probably had to get to his shot put practice immediately after the ceremony.

  2. But Russian have such quality (more than half the staff here from Russia ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLZHN6RNvZs

  3. Every culture has their own uneducated and unsophisticated population. That also extends to the morons who are so called “experts” in wedding photography and digital / photo production. I am sure I can find the same amount of “class” photos or videos here in good old US of A — oh wait all I have to do is just turn the TV on…

  4. Or how we laughed at poor Russians, and felt superior.

    • Well Paul, is it alright with you if we just enjoy the comical photos as they are meant to be enjoyed laughing WITH people and not laughing AT people as you imagine?

  5. The major problem of russians is that they believe they are dedicated for world domination and thus they hate all other nations.

    • Sounds like a comment that could be accurately applied to ppl from the USA as well….

    • That’s not how all of this works kid…don’t believe all you see on TV or on the internet :))

    • Russians don’t give a damn about world domination, we are busy with wedding pictures )))

    • You’re wrong. We don’t hate other nations. You are thinking so only because USA and Europe want that you thinking so. We want a peace in the whole world. And we are respecting all national traditions. Because we love our national traditions. This photos are trash. I don’t know where the author got it. It’s funny of course, but it is sucks. It seems if we will think that all american people are about 200 kg weight, dirty, looking very bad and sicking in their closes, because we saw this: http://www.eatliver.com/people-of-walmart/ (and it’s not the best gallary from WallMart). Yeah?

    • Russsians people don’t hate other people and other nation! EVER!!!

    • “Russsians people don’t hate other people and other nation! EVER!!!”
      Don’t hate other people, except the Americans, Ukrainians, Estonians, Poles, Jews, Turkmens and Uzbeks, Georgians, Chechens and Dagestani.
      Besides Russian hate those who do not agree that Karelia – it is Russia. Caucasus – it is Russia. Siberia – it is Russia. Ukraine – it is Russia. Belarus – it is Russia. Sakhalin – it is Russia. Kaliningrad – it is Russia. And Alaska – it is Russia.
      This is true. Chat with Russian.

    • tell that to all the deported people who were not russians in the Soviet Union, including my grandparents from Moldova who were sent to a siberian gulag.

    • I think you now talk about people…

  6. Raven, dear, what does that have to do with anything? Plus, how many Russians do you personally know that ever told you they are destined for world domination?
    Cool pictures, had a good laugh, thanks.

  7. No, Russian people don’t hate anybody. They want to live and they want to be happy like other people in the world. They may not be living that rich as some of the Americans, but they still want to get married, get kids and be happy. We are all human and we all want the same. It’s all the politics and their dirty games that affect little people who work their *** off to pay taxes, but all this money goes to the wars instead of making people happy.

  8. in large Russian cities is not so. Christiane is everywhere. I am a citizen of Russia, but I hate Russia! are not everybody patriots here! :)))!!!

    • Eleonora, no one holds you in Russia. If you hate your motherland then you should probably move to another country. But pls keep in mind that you will find no difference in other European cities, jus visit for example Essex in UK :)))

    • Looks you not real Russian… Maybe you are from Uzbekistan? )))

  9. peasants is everywhere))

  10. Russians is major in the world )))

  11. Tacky?… Sure, but I’ve seen equally tacky american wedding photos.

  12. Well that’s definitely not a traditional Russian wedding pictures… Anyway some of them are really funny… These guys just tried to make it different and not boring. They failed due to lack of taste. Crazy people ))))) Felt sorry for that pretty girl in dirty water with an arrow in her mouth )))) I am Russian, by the way.

  13. I’m from sa and I hate my country.. Why I don’t live there no more. Russia once trained all the terrorists to fight against us but here’s a shock. I don’t hate any other country. I think everyone need mirrors in this world! Americans, most corrupted underhand conspiricy coup planning country in the world.. Trust me, I just did a degree in it but the honest truth is all the other countries ain’t that far behind. Not in the slightest. Yeah Russia hold on to the whistle blower cz it’s bad publicity for USA but you’ve done and are doing just as bad things. We’re all humans and politics and religion ruined humanity’s morals. Just look how I a simple few silly pics brought the worst out of most of you

    • Just to add.. I love russians, Americans, no matter to me. As long as your a decent human being.. I’d love you too.

    • Oh, and if hate my country out of love. I hate it cz it’s so beautiful yet bureaucracy and corrupted baboons run the place so much that it’s not safe for me or my family.

  14. Was in St Petersburgh in the summer, the wedding ,s I saw were amazing no expense spared, they go round all the tourist places an get photo,s done at each one, an there is a lot of them. Amazing place.

  15. well i as a Dutch-Belgian citizen, photographing for almost 2 decades in ukraine and russia… the best wedding parties i ever had was in russia (behind the ural mountains) , and the poorest people would invite me, give me food and a bed and treat me like i was family, they have my respect and love, always !

  16. I love my country :) It’s not the best shots of Russian weddings, but funny. Come visit :)

  17. And where bears, vodka, Matryoshka, balalaika?

  18. “No, Russian people don’t hate anybody. They want to live and they want to be happy like other people in the world. They may not be living that rich as some of the Americans, but they still want to get married, get kids and be happy. We are all human and we all want the same. It’s all the politics and their dirty games that affect little people who work their *** off to pay taxes, but all this money goes to the wars instead of making people happy.”
    Well said that’s how most people in the UK feel too :) peace man and woman.

  19. I love a lot of these photographs, especially the photoshopped ones. And it’s logical you wear a thick coat over your weddingdress if you live in Siberia or somewhere. They are vibrant, full of life. Looking at these photographs reminds me of Chagall paintings, flying brides, drunken policemen and multicoloured animals….

  20. Is there only Russians on this website? ))

  21. Well some of these photos are genuinely funny, these guys seem to have a really good time. My fav is the one with the chubby lady and the elephants

  22. Americans are the most stupid and lowest IQ in the world, that’s why they are so damn easy to be manipulated and brainwashed. As about Russians they proved so many times in the history that deep Russia is so much primitive and brutal, with the vast majority of population made up of peasants living for drinking and fighting someone. That’s why regimes like Stalin and now Putin were possible sooooo many years…

  23. Such a primitive nation. In a perfect world their coupling would be disallowed.

  24. Mack Ave + Helen St

    Looks like Detriot to me…

  25. First of all, I’m not Russian, I’m Romanian, a country bordering Ukraine (which is 99% Russsia) and I have to tell you, without the slightest remorse that the worse thing that ever happened to our country is the Russian occupation from the 1950’s up until 1989. Communism practically destroyed this country ’till it’s roots and even today, almost 30 years after communism, I still live in a country pretty much dominated by the same old “traditions” of theft, bribery, lack of freedom of speech, etc.
    To me, Russia is the biggest and greatest plague that ever happened in the history of humanity.
    Sure, I have russian friends which are very cool, fun and trust worthy people and I admire them. I am also sure that not all russians are the same, but the KEY difference between Russia and “the free world” is that in “the free world” you actually have a choice and you can truly prosper if, of course, you have the brains for it, while in Russia I’m pretty sure that being born in a village in the middle of nowhere will get you… that’s right, nowhere.

    • I think it’s important to differentiate between being Russian and being Soviet Communist. I traveled in Romania in 1998 and I saw what you mean about the occupation. The Romanian people were wonderful. I also spent time in Russia in 1992 and saw what Soviet rule had done. The Russian people were also wonderful. Politics and corruption of power are the problem, not the people. But that’s the case nearly everywhere. Peace and love to all from the American people (well, at least from this American person).

  26. Russia is home to more than 180 nationalities, i am internationalist)

  27. Can’t you all shut up about world domination, now let’s get back to laughing at these terrible photos.

  28. LOVE IS IN THE AIR!! Everyone chill… have a laugh… and then look again… see the love in their eyes… and let a little of that joy get into you. No one, no war, no nation, no words can be realer or greater than the joy in (most of) these photos.
    AND If I ever do get married, I’m damn sure riding a swan at some point in the wedding… boom!

  29. I love these photos!! much more interesting than the usual dull wedding photos you see!!

  30. Russians are kind and fun people! The Russians want to live and love! Photo funny. On the photo it is impossible to talk about all Russians! Please don’t say that don’t know personally.
    Do not wish evil to others.

  31. Funny pictures.
    I think if you search well, these pictures can be found in each country. There is always the heroes and bad guys. I love both Russian and Americans and Asians and Africans))
    Let’s just be kind to each other)

  32. To be honest, having been to Belarus (formerly part of Russia) I can see the significance of some of these photos.

  33. congratulations on your marriage

  34. Love russian people but somehow they never smile and seem always gloomy and dipressed..

  35. Wow… so much ignorance. That’s all

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