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  1. Love ‘em! Especially the guy getting married in his track suit. He probably had to get to his shot put practice immediately after the ceremony.

  2. But Russian have such quality (more than half the staff here from Russia ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLZHN6RNvZs

  3. Every culture has their own uneducated and unsophisticated population. That also extends to the morons who are so called “experts” in wedding photography and digital / photo production. I am sure I can find the same amount of “class” photos or videos here in good old US of A — oh wait all I have to do is just turn the TV on…

  4. Or how we laughed at poor Russians, and felt superior.

    • Well Paul, is it alright with you if we just enjoy the comical photos as they are meant to be enjoyed laughing WITH people and not laughing AT people as you imagine?

  5. The major problem of russians is that they believe they are dedicated for world domination and thus they hate all other nations.

  6. Raven, dear, what does that have to do with anything? Plus, how many Russians do you personally know that ever told you they are destined for world domination?
    Cool pictures, had a good laugh, thanks.

  7. No, Russian people don’t hate anybody. They want to live and they want to be happy like other people in the world. They may not be living that rich as some of the Americans, but they still want to get married, get kids and be happy. We are all human and we all want the same. It’s all the politics and their dirty games that affect little people who work their *** off to pay taxes, but all this money goes to the wars instead of making people happy.

  8. in large Russian cities is not so. Christiane is everywhere. I am a citizen of Russia, but I hate Russia! are not everybody patriots here! :)))!!!

  9. peasants is everywhere))

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