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  1. These are wonderful and beautiful. They are having fun and being happy instead of making the day so serious and stressful that it is unenjoyable. Love this gallery.

  2. OMG! This is not a traditional weddings! It’s a lie

  3. It’s truth ))

  4. (Moscow,Russia)
    Sad, but true

  5. This fotos are so ancient!

  6. This montage for such idiots like You, not pictures with Russian weddings. You are really stupid in the extreme and know nothing about Russia and the peoples inhabiting it.

    • Come on, if you have ever been to Russia you should know this is true – don’t deny it. Especially these pictures from village weddings – I swear it looks like that in the real life – I’ve seen it:)

  7. All of those accordians!
    Apparently PhotoShop lives in Russia.

  8. The pictures are REAL and I see many Russians here agree. Those that don’t, you’re just in DENIAL.

  9. The pictures are real but old( some very old). Generally they do take some very funny pictures because they really enjoy their wedding day and maybe they’re drunk sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that it is their tradition to do so. The pictures don’t show anything of their wedding so the title is wrong. It should be : Crazy Pictures of Just-Married Couples

  10. This is einfach beautiful.

  11. Don’t show it to children they will not sleep for days!!!

  12. Stupped. Debilizm.

  13. These are very sweet heart-warming pictures of normal people having fun.

  14. most photo are fun or crazy, but i like picture with arrow. it’s interesting idea.

  15. wtf? this had to be fake.. some looks like they have polygamy..

  16. At least girls are beatiful

  17. Guys, I haven’t seen such weddings there for ages. Maybe only people who live in the countryside, far from the biggest cities, celebrate their weddings like that.

  18. well, at least they’re happy. i wouldn’t wanna know what freakish pictures each and every single western country could produce. so, get over it. but yeah, some of them are splendid, not because they’re russian, but simply because it is hard to put so much bad taste in one picture.

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