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  1. No imagination, not original, even not funny. Sad and terrible… I’m sorry for having seen this before having my dinner :(

  2. Russian weddings are: 1). like in these photos (funny, stupid, absurd); 2). made with a LOT of money, that’s even indecent to say aloud; 3). just ordinary and boring; 4). traditional, that’s like 0,005% of all russian weddings. :)
    It’s not a great country, as long as behaving stupid, absurd and not giving a damn about anything – is not great.
    Ordinary russian people will always envy people from Western Europe and USA.
    (I’m from Russia, I know it.) so… if you’ve seen some cool videos about Russian people on youtube and you think it’s original and great – it’s not. It’s a boring and strange country. It’s not great. Definitely.
    and 10% of people want to immigrate from here (read in some latest article), which in reality is about 30%.

  3. when it will be democracy in Russia ?

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