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  1. No imagination, not original, even not funny. Sad and terrible… I’m sorry for having seen this before having my dinner :(

  2. Russian weddings are: 1). like in these photos (funny, stupid, absurd); 2). made with a LOT of money, that’s even indecent to say aloud; 3). just ordinary and boring; 4). traditional, that’s like 0,005% of all russian weddings. :)
    It’s not a great country, as long as behaving stupid, absurd and not giving a damn about anything – is not great.
    Ordinary russian people will always envy people from Western Europe and USA.
    (I’m from Russia, I know it.) so… if you’ve seen some cool videos about Russian people on youtube and you think it’s original and great – it’s not. It’s a boring and strange country. It’s not great. Definitely.
    and 10% of people want to immigrate from here (read in some latest article), which in reality is about 30%.

  3. when it will be democracy in Russia ?

  4. Every culture have their own style of weddings, unforgettable night for both of them, no matter how much you spend, bottom line is to be happy after all… is not sad pictures, remember how did you get married/???

  5. Guys hold on….these pictures can be found anyywhere. I am from Egypt and you can find people here pausing the same way for their wedding pics. Don’t take it so seriously. Bad taste is found all over the world. The point here is the quality of the picture itself. We should assert that we respect those people in the pictures as well as their country. We are just mocking the quality of the picture.

  6. It weddings of village peoples, it very funny for ordinary russian too))

    • But the photoset of the couple on the bike/ with the cows and the russian farm houses, is very sympathic. Sadly, I was not invited to their wedding.

  7. Two comments …
    A) They obviously have Photoshop in Russia …
    B) Never was the wish “Best of Luck” more heartfelt.

  8. You’d better talk to some Russians before saying such offending and unpleasant things about them. This post was made by a person, who hates Russia – for sure.
    There are a lot of wonderful wedding pictures , as well as not so great. But I am 100% sure that the same situation takes place in hundreds of other different countries.
    Taking stereotypes as something real is not serious, guys. Even if they have some “base” as these strange pictures.
    Please, Just be open-minded and love each other! That’s all

    • I had assumed that they used the silliest pictures they could find, and these aren’t typical of all Russian wedding photos. Some of them also reminded me of some wedding photos I’ve seen here in America. At least a few of them looked like they were having a lot of fun, which is the most important thing.

  9. The same thing is in every country. Why did you selected the worst pictures from russian people wedding pictures? O suspect that just to make people hate russians because of what Russian government is doing. Remember in Russia lives not only those who are very good trained Putins dogs. There are many good Russians who understands everything, suffers in poverty and slavery without freedom to tell the truth… There are many Russians, who are good people, but are being brainwashed by massive propaganda which is being made by Russian government for decades.

    • I can’t speak for the person who posted these pictures, but it wasn’t my impression that they were trying to make all Russians look bad. As an American, I definitely understand that what the government does and what the people want is NOT always the same thing. I agree that in every country and every culture, there are silly people, evil people, good people, and everyone in between. Stay strong, and know there are people praying for you, that you have peace and freedom from oppression.

  10. it is infowar and it’s purpose is to show Russia in it’s worst view. Do you believe, that all wedding looks like that in Russia? You can also google “wallmart freaks” and you’ll see even worst things than in here

  11. Hick Weddings in every country

    Russia is probably looking at some hick wedding pictures and saying the same things about us.

  12. Nothing funny. They are just humans. Yes, from villages and they do not have other choice to have a fancy glamorous weddings. Who are you to laugh at them.

  13. Oh, come on:) Just another attempt to demonize Russia. These are just the worst pictures of tasteless people who don’t have money and imagination to do smth different . Not only in Russia can you find weird people, weddings and photos.

  14. These are funny! We have some rather bizarre wedding photos in the U.S. as well! Sometimes we can laugh because it is simply funny! It is not about a particular nation. It’s just funny! Smile people! :)

  15. It is not politely to make jokes from poor people. Anyway brides are pretty nice. Comparing to most western rich ‘pigs’.

    • “Most western rich pigs” not our fault that our country flourished economically better than yours..stop hating

  16. First three comments are made by idiots who have never been to Russia. I am sure they even have no idea where it Russia is located.

  17. I’m not anonymous, because I’m not afraid to say that you are stupid! There are the photos of idiots. There are many idiots in your countries too. But it doesn’t mean, that all of you are stupid. And we know it. But you are naive and stupid, because believe these photos. Show you photos of idiots in your countries?

  18. Im sure the situation on american south is even worse.

  19. I love them they are different not like cheesy usa and uk

  20. Random Serbian Girl

    These could have been taken anywhere,it`s just an anti-Russian propaganda,like how they always make the bad or the stupid guys Russian in American movies.And people who are dumb,easy to manipulate or just too young actually believe in that. You can`t judge an entire country based on a few people.It just disgusts me how politics control the media.

  21. it doesnt depend on your nation or sex or smth else.its a state of your mind or mood or consciousness

  22. FromRussiawithlove

    Hahaha these pics are very funny to me though I am Russian. I guess all of them are taken somewhere in villages or small towns where people are trying to make it creative and funny on their own way /level/. Loved it.

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