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  1. You can do whatever u want, just do not take pictures of it.

  2. What happens in Russia, stays in Russia.

  3. Oh those Russians!

  4. Бедная моя Родина. Деградация

  5. Picture #14 (fish&gun) is not from Russia. It is taken in Kiev, Ukraine. Note the Great Lavra Belfry on the skyline. Anyway, as far as I know, Ukrainian traditions look very much the same.

    • note, that statue of Mother Ukraine is absent near that belfry. it is a pity (for U, maybe), this is not Kyiv. and yes, traditions are quite different…

  6. …везде придурков хватает…и не только в России!


  7. Help me to learn the russian language!!??

  8. Этот народ непобедим!

  9. Why do you post such stupid photos? Are they photoshoped or what? Russian people is beautiful! Where all this ugliness comes from?

    • Have you ever watched moscow news? especially for last 3 month :)

    • Thank you , Vivian. Beautiful name, warm words) I think: all we see – is a point of view. I live in Russia all my life and I know where these photos did come from. But of course IT’S NOT RUSSIA, It’s the ugliness u can find everywhere…if u want to.

    • russian people IS haha yeah yeah

  10. I refuse to think all of Russia is as screwed up as it is constantly portrayed on the internet. The few Russians I know are kind, caring and intelligent!

  11. There are very few places in the world, where I wouldn’t want to go, if nothing else, then at least for the experience but Russia…. Nooo thank you.

  12. Typical Russians..

  13. This pictures collection – executed the order of US Department of States?

  14. You could most likely find equally depressing stuff for the United States

  15. I’ve seen worse sights in Britain.

  16. its can be both ukrainians and russians…this pictures made just for fun. But ofcourse someone will start to insult eachother…

    • You shut your mouth about Ukrainians!! WTF?!! Why bringing up completely different nation here??? every country has idiots, and you are one of them for sure!!

    • Lady, I second that. Ukrainians are nowhere near these rotten russian people.

  17. Dogs are really funny!

  18. It’s u.s. department version of life in Russia , life in Russia much better than in u.s.

  19. to tell the truth – poor people, I’m really sorry for them that they live in such environment and become like this :(

  20. thank GOD I wasn’t born in that pathetic country called russia haha haha

  21. You will never see shit like this in big cities of Russia

  22. This is kind of sad =/

  23. You russians, have nice taste! OMFG!

  24. U shall not pass!

  25. How sad. How sad that you do not see the creativity of these people! Try to look at these photos differently. I’ve seen much more stupidity all over the worl (independently of the ountry). Smile!

  26. This is not Russia or Russians. I don’t just knew a few Russians, I know a lot of then cause I’m married to one and he is the most amazing guy I have ever met. He is caring, polite, intelligent and such a gentleman, and so is all his family and friends.

  27. this is lousy cold-war propaganda. U r sad and useless indeed

  28. For all their cheesiness, I find these pictures endearing.

  29. How come?! Where the bear, vodka and balalaika:)… I live in Russia and only once I saw gopnik- the guy who sits on his haunches, I was surprised, I thought it is fiction)))) really, we are not so bad:)

  30. I’m so glad we never went to war against these people.

  31. Check life in Lithuania. Much more fun there.

  32. Im sure we can find exactly same pics from USA.

    • Yes you will. These pictures never should have been posted very wrong. The us has many many worst sights than this just go to nyc

  33. I live in Russia. Feel free to look at my pictures for enterteinment!!!
    Rediculous propoganda…

  34. Some of these people looks like morons, and when you see and hear what they do in Ukraine you know they are :-D

  35. Harsh reality, yeah. You can meet all of it in the villages and very small towns, where people are very poor and uneducated. By the way, it’s not just in one country, but everywhere. Maybe, they just have some distinctive features, depending on nationality. By the way, Russia is just one big poor country, and lots of shit happend after the revolution of 1917 year, when majority of intelligent, talented and educated people were killed or jailed.

  36. It’s really quite a Russian, in all its manifestations. Russia is disgusting and horrible.

  37. Hey guys the reality is there are as many hillbillies in USA and thugs in UK as Slumdogs in Asia as there are in Russia, these people may be lacking a bit of culture or just have never seen any better, but they are not all bad- they also have morals and hearts, perhaps purer hearts than the person who created this page showing only one side of the coin to be nasty to one nation, but any intelligent person on the planet knows- it is about balance and in Russia there is also a lot of beauty and knowledge and art ;)

    • Thank you, Angel. These are the words of an intelligent person who has morals and heart. That is true. Maybe these people look not like Beyonce but that doesn’t mean they are unhappy, poor, retarder ppl! I believe many of them are even happier than some of us who leaves aggressive comments with dirty jokes here.

  38. Well said Angel. We all have our rednecks, and they are part of us.

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