Best Pictures from Russian Dating Sites



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  1. All that comes to mind is HOLY CRAP

  2. These photos make celibacy look pretty good…

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever thought “What the ****?” as many times as I did here EVER while reading one of these time-suck articles.

  4. What’s with the carpets on the walls?

    • Insulation. Helps with soundproofing too.

    • Rugs cost a lot (handmade rugs can go for tens of thousands) and many times theyre special (from dowry, wedding gift, etc) and people hang them to display them.
      But.,.. seriously… thats what you found odd about these pictures?

    • lol that was my first thought too! Seen enough weirdos in my time to think that these pics are nothing special.

    • It is great Russian tradition to take photo with carpet. According to the legend photo with Russian style carpet will help to find partner and love.

    • Houses are old so those are for keeping it warm

  5. Horrible, but we want to conquer the world!!!
    Слава России

  6. Every single thing about these pics is just wrong (except for the face on the hot guy holding the the weird butterfly/rose)

  7. Comments appear here. Now that that’s sorted, these Russian comrades of ours aren’t all that different. If you compare them to the poor of the Usa , you’ll realize we have plenty in common with our overseas comrades.

  8. probably they find good matches in the millions of hillbillies in the us of a :)

  9. Oh my…that can’t be unseen…the banana one is by far my awkward

  10. The guy with the huge forehead and stupid fringe (bangs) also showed up on the Russian wedding pix too. How and why is he on both dating site and wedding ´found randomly´pix? Are these guys all actors for the U.S propaganda campaign or what? That´s weird, explain it someone please.

    • As a citizen of Russian Federation I can reassure you that both posts are pretty much relevant. The gopnik style bangs with no hair ‘dos used to be popular back in 1990’s, but for some places in Russia, 21st century never really came yet.

  11. At least one of the photos is from Ukraine. Look at the newspaper near the girl with banana. Stupid peasants

  12. It is soooo… weird I mean it relly good pics but they are weird.

  13. That girl on the 10th pic from the top (left) is pretty hot, by the way.

  14. Wall-carpets – should be used to cover up the graffiti by her kids – nice lady, but what for baggage? Learn to read the signs!
    And what’s with trashing the countryside on a picnic (or is she the only one that prefers melon to the group on stage)? LOL

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