Best Pictures from Russian Dating Sites



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  1. All that comes to mind is HOLY CRAP

  2. These photos make celibacy look pretty good…

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever thought “What the ****?” as many times as I did here EVER while reading one of these time-suck articles.

  4. What’s with the carpets on the walls?

    • Insulation. Helps with soundproofing too.

    • Rugs cost a lot (handmade rugs can go for tens of thousands) and many times theyre special (from dowry, wedding gift, etc) and people hang them to display them.
      But.,.. seriously… thats what you found odd about these pictures?

  5. Horrible, but we want to conquer the world!!!
    Слава России

  6. Every single thing about these pics is just wrong (except for the face on the hot guy holding the the weird butterfly/rose)

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