Best Pictures from Russian Dating Sites



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  1. Who told that these are the Best Pictures from Russian Dating Sites? They are awful, you want to create a distorted picture of Russia.

  2. Those pics are so funny! I’m russian and I don’t get offended! Some ppl just don’t think things through… Lol. Yeah and those ugly carpets… Funny that ppl still use them the way they used in the 80s…

  3. s .n . alawadhi .

    Russian is Russian bad and ugly in every things .

  4. +1 Lyucy, I am Russian as well and I’m offended

    • Don’t be, Valerie. People will always find a way to make fun of others. Just stay cool and don’t take it to your heart.

  5. На одном из фото в кадре украинская газета ..

  6. Masters of carpets.

  7. I’am indifferent about this pictures, because it were made many times ago, I am sure. And if you look at any Russian dating syte now, you’ll never see something like that

  8. Ukraine is not Russia. There is ukraine newspaper.

  9. Yes, these carpets are awful. This heritage of the USSR, and it now go away. But there is also a rational explanation. We live in the cold country and happens in the winter cold wall,very cold///

    • I live in Sweden, which is not that warm but no one has those carpets on the wall :) Maybe only arabic refugees :)

  10. Would love to have a carpet , showing one of these guys showing their carpet with them on the carpet showing that they have a carpet. That would be a nice carpet. Time travel carpet , straight down from the 80ies

  11. Doesn’t matter Russian , Ukrainian… I bet there even more awful pictures of American girls on social media sites)

  12. ha, goodness ))) why do people feel so insecure that they have to make these dumb pix )) im sure 90% of these were made for fun by retarded people! plus, russian women are some of the absolute hottest women in the world – everyone knows that!

  13. K! I totally love your comment :)


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