Scarlett Johansson Falls Down, Internet Takes Over

So Scarlett Johansson tripped and fell on the street. Naturally, it’s now a meme.






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  1. The last one is from the movie “Tusk”.

  2. Hi-la-ree-us!!!! It’s hard to choose which one’s the best. I didn’t know she could DJ AND play baseball haha

  3. That 2nd last pic of her jumping over the bar is perfect, if she was dressed in sporty clothes it would almost look real but the last one is the best!!

  4. I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee.

  5. Who else had to scroll back to #10 and then died after when you realized???

  6. Do people realise that was a scene she was shooting for Under the Skin?

  7. Do people still not realize that the act of her tripping and falling on the street was being filmed covertly and is part of the movie Under the Skin?

  8. She even looks beautiful when she falls where is the justice in that?

  9. lol banjos, pole vault,and dolphin are the best

  10. How to look amazing while attempting to steal candy from a baby….

  11. scarlet doesnt deserve this. thats how hard it is being a celebrity..
    deepest sympathy~

  12. Amazing! Delphine’s best!

  13. Scarlett took a tumble.

  14. if you have not seen the film “under the skin” defiantly check it out!!

  15. I’m in tears

  16. Chasing the kid with candy! That’s funny lol

  17. Omg the fat kid looks terrified of her stone cold expression lol

  18. It sucks because at first I thought these were really funny too until I realized that this is a scene from Under the Skin. The director filmed the scene as incognito as possible and even have two random non actors in the film who helped her up afterwards, of which the production team had to track down and ask permission to be in the film.

  19. All I can say is… ‘Koo Koo Ka Choo’
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ScarJo, but this IS hilarious! I am sure she’s laughing, too

  20. Ya, I watched Under the skin on Netflix last week. I can handle challenging films, but the ending on that really sucked.

  21. Is the last one real or not?

  22. Those Glasgow streets…

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