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  1. I sereiously believe your cat has disturbing social and distressed anxiety issues! My cat gizmo has two doctorates in phycology and sociology and will like to set up an appointment with mittens.

  2. Omg I fully enjoyed and have shared to all my other crazy cat ladies… I can see Katalina texting me like this!! hahahahaha… thank you for the afternoon laugh.

  3. So you named your cat… Kat…

  4. More more!!

    • My human named me Cat, of coarse he was only sober for 6 months at the time, so gotta give him a break on his lack of imagination at the time. Lol

  5. I noticed this is sort of a story about a relationship between a person and their cat from beginning to end. I have one cat now, and I used to have two. This is exactly the lesson I learned from them both.

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