Texts From My Cat

Remember Texts From My Dog?
Angie Bailey has created similar hilarious series of conversations with Mittens.



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  1. I sereiously believe your cat has disturbing social and distressed anxiety issues! My cat gizmo has two doctorates in phycology and sociology and will like to set up an appointment with mittens.

    • That’s dumb.

    • My cat’s name is also Gizmo!

    • Lmao I know this will sound weird, but we don’t really use the word Gizmo where I’m from. I named my dog Gizmo after the Gremlins movie, and over 15 or so years I’ve come to associate it entirely with him – it’s the only time I ever hear it. In a way I can’t explain it’s really weird and cute to see other pets named Gizmo!

    • Your cat does not have any such degrees. how could a cat pay attention long enough to achieve such things. Lies. A catnip ball full of lies.

    • My cats name is Gizmo too I love him dearly

  2. Omg I fully enjoyed and have shared to all my other crazy cat ladies… I can see Katalina texting me like this!! hahahahaha… thank you for the afternoon laugh.

    • No, anon. She did name her cat KAT… KATALINA… They are referring to the comment by LIZA. Not the texts from cat stuff…lol

  3. So you named your cat… Kat…

  4. More more!!

    • My human named me Cat, of coarse he was only sober for 6 months at the time, so gotta give him a break on his lack of imagination at the time. Lol

  5. I noticed this is sort of a story about a relationship between a person and their cat from beginning to end. I have one cat now, and I used to have two. This is exactly the lesson I learned from them both.

  6. This is classic! MORE MORE PLEASE!

  7. None of my cats have ever had time for this nonsense. Their energy was reserved for observation of inscrutable human behavior for the reports they beamed back to the Mother Ship every night. Besides, too much interaction with the subjects might skew the results of the experiment.

  8. LOL OMG Im dying! Hilarious!

  9. My cat would text the same thing even after 14 years, when is that dog leaving.

  10. You see? This is why I won’t let my cat have a cell phone!

  11. I love cat talk!!

  12. My Kitty GEORGE is bi-lingual, or is it bi-curious? BI-CURIOUS GEORGE!!!

  13. My krazy cat-lady-friend can sooo relate to this! LOL!

  14. Fake for sure.

  15. If we sits on it the iPad she can’t reed this. Haha.

  16. Too funny! I pretend my cats have lives too…. Which goes to show that I don’t. Lol

  17. boo… can’t believe i wasted 2 minutes reading this

  18. I had a cat called Tilly

  19. kitty lover not anonymous!

    Its so sad that some people are so serious in life..imagination and laughter are a beautiful emotion and creativity can be endless, I loved it :-) all animals have thoughts and feelings, its a shame for the ignorance around this world…do you really think us humans are the only ones with bonding instincts, intelligence, daft behaviours and the ability to rescue and alert humans in danger, the ability to do chores for blind people…to laugh is the most precious gift :-) who knows whats going on in their minds!

  20. Very funny and nice.

  21. Hahaha. Just had a bad day. This cheered me up. Oh, the smart-@ss comments my cat would make if he could text!

  22. Cats remind us that we are not the end all and be all. They are capable of play, problem solving & whimsey. If we impart to them anthropomorphic characteristics that are “a little over the top”, then that is perhaps one of their most endearing qualities . . . that they could engender such thoughts.
    Dogs have masters . . . Cats have servants.

  23. Nice, I want to text my cat—if I had one:-c

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