The Most Talented Model in the World

His stage name is Ahmed Angel and he’s totally serious about this.



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  1. Beware Conchita Wurst :-p

  2. What the hell does ‘he is planet’ mean?

  3. “He is Planet” WTF???

  4. He looks like a young version of Borat.

  5. Been on the Facebook page. It’s a fake, right?

  6. Why not… Reminds young Marc Almond – let alone all that oriental chique)))

  7. I will admit.. i like his eyes.

  8. I am in lllooovvveeeee

  9. That unibrow on the last two pictures

  10. I really enjoyed the original spelling of original on his lovely coat ( pic no 16) and he really has a great selection of matching trainer to coats . Lovely

  11. The sleeveless sweaters kill me.

  12. He is the Lovari of modeling. Look up the singer Lovari. He’s as funny as this guy.

  13. I am… Unibrow
    I am… Wearing contacts
    I am… Seriously a poser (no offence)


  15. This guy is my icon

  16. Awesome, he is a lady boy :)

  17. He is planet, I get it… Oh wait, no i don’t. The only thing I got is that he loves to shop at Walgreens for the fancy selection of clothes and very fancy hair products

  18. Tell me it’s a fake

  19. omg this girl is so cute, too much photoshop, but still that girl is really cute!

  20. OMG! Leave that poor deluded young man alone!

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