Cats That Look Like Male Models




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  1. cant help…but cats look better :D

  2. Lol what nonsense.

  3. that was so great..

  4. Those cats need an agent

  5. Don’t see any ca — Oh, wait. There are some cats.

  6. Made me laugh

  7. I need to teach Casey Cat some of those tricks!

  8. Oh my oh my… decisions decisions… LOL!

  9. Its all fine with me!

  10. Love it . Some have similarities.

  11. I don’t know which one I’d pet first!

  12. Great! I’m not sure who’s cuter.

  13. The one playing the piano is Johnny Depp, but I like the cat biting the keys too

  14. Oooh. I hurt myself laughing at this!!!

  15. I know the guy in the tub in the first photo…

  16. I needed a laugh. I laughed all the way through this.

  17. gonbecrazyoldcatlady

    Is it weird that I thought the cats were cuter than the dudes?

  18. Male models are gorgeous and the cats adorable an serious.

  19. The cats were definitely better looking than the male models. That was so funny .

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