Awfully Photoshopped Profile Pictures from Russian Social Networks



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  1. …excellent! Lol

  2. We must remember this is made on CRT screens of the olden days, might look good there;)

  3. ou mai gad

  4. Russians – without them, the internet would just not be the same!

  5. Sorry, but some of these are awesome

  6. 9th is that Ashur??

  7. I don’t know about the rest, but the fourth picture is a masterpiece, will be turning into a poster.

  8. Oh Dios mio :-) That what I call the epitome of great photography. Priceless! What were they thinking??

  9. Do not make fun of my minions! I will send little green men if you do!

  10. wait, which ones are photoshopped again?

  11. Yeaahh! That is Russia, baby! Pretty cool!

  12. I’m not really sure how these are ‘bad’ Nearly all the pictures the people have good cropping skills and even matched skin tone in some of them. One of them even have armor on. …

  13. Funny, but I’m sure Russian social media can make a list of photos of British looking even more stupid :)

  14. Looks like photos from Miley’s Instagram. Cool!

  15. Russians drink too much lol

  16. Russian Drunk Bear(yes i have PC and even can type, rrr)

    Some of this photos made just for lulz, don’t be so serious. I really like the one with woman and dead fish. I think this is the photo of teaher edited by some angry schoolboy. lel

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