Pop Stars Gone Metal T-Shirts



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  1. where can i get this stuff ?

  2. Can someone make these for us? I want the Phil Collins-tee

  3. i need the tom jones one !!

  4. Need them!!!
    But Where can i get em

  5. Surprising enough I want the Bieber one, just for the irony.

  6. BIEBER, not Beiber.

  7. …and take my money!

  8. Any chance, to by some of those?

  9. I really need that Tom Jones t-shirt.

  10. I would 100% buy the Tom Jones one if it was real

  11. OMG!

  12. Must have:
    Color Me Badd
    Vanilla Ice

  13. I gotta have that Tom Jones shirt!

  14. I want an ABBA one! There should be a Justin Timberlake and a Madonna.

  15. want the celine dion !!!

  16. Please, please produce. I need to get my sister the Dion shirt for her birthday in may.

  17. Yeah man, don’t tease us with these if we cannot get our grubby little hands on a few of them. I would order 5 shirts right now.

  18. Awesome concept. I would totally buy one…

  19. Seriously… I know of a Nickelback fan who needs that shirt.

  20. Hate BeyoncĂ©, but BeyoncĂ© “Venom-ized” is EPIC!

  21. THe Beyonce / Venom one is too damned funny!

  22. I want them all… Except the Nickleback one… That’s just going too far.

  23. Bakcstreet Boys, please!

  24. The Beyonce one ftw!

  25. Thought this said “pop tarts”, so it took a while before I got it.

  26. They should do something like a Kickstarter campaign with pledge levels equalling different number of shirts. Perhaps higher pledge levels allow for an artist suggestion to be made into a shirt.

  27. Must have the Tom jones shirt damnit!

  28. Put Michael Jackson on one and you have my money. :)

  29. Phil Collins shirt is right on the money, especially since he is a confirmed freemason!


  31. I want that Phil Collins shirt NOW!!!

  32. There should be one for John Denver!!!

  33. so elegant

  34. I did find the Celine Dion shirt for sale with a quick Google search. No such luck with Tom Jones though,

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