People Who Had the Worst Christmas Ever



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  1. Selfish people!! Christmas isnt about what u get! Immature!

  2. well i had my boyfriend of 11 years have an embelism and die at 47 at christmas, so that sucked , but i guess getting a rubix cube sucks too.

  3. My mom died from breast cancer almost 3 years ago and she took with her the magic of Christmas. Every year it seems harder to find joy in the season and for the third year in a row I am crying myself asleep… It was only after she was taken away from me that I realized my mom was the greatest present i ever had. Love your mother and cherish every little thing she gives you. After she is gone each little thing, every memory of her will be your greatest treasures.

  4. Oh my god u whining little… u know what I got for Christmas?
    I got my family taken away by a married man.
    U think u have it bad… u don’t even know. Be thankful they even thought about u.

  5. Are these posts for real my babies lost their daddy 5 weeks ago and people are moaning about their gifts makes me so mad, all my babies want for Christmas is their daddy back but they are happy to see stars in the sky and talk to him, some people are so shallow!!!

  6. I got to wake up, a gift in itself. Most the other posts seem to be by unappreciative, spoiled brats. To all those, sorry to be harsh but it is after all the thought that counts. If you woke up and got anything, be thankful. I get my own gifts… always needed and never exchanged!

  7. All i read is: stupid parents and I want… Shame on you! U want an iPad? Get urself a Job!

  8. For real though, deodorant is a pretty horrible gift. “Merry Xmas! This will help with your BO. Love, Dad”

  9. Oh my giddy aunt!! reading some of the comments about the lousiest Christmas makes me think that the spirit of Christmas has already been lost forever!! Present is not a synonym to Christmas and as long as you think so your whining, whingeing immature lot you will keep on having lousy Christmases.
    Think of people who have no place to call home, think of people who have lost loved ones, think of people who are not together with their loved ones, think of people who are hoping that they will not loose their loved ones to illness…. do I really need to go on?

  10. “boohoo – these kids are spoiled. My relatives died / I know someone whose relatives died / I died last year, so I’m entitled to feel bad during christmas” – half the people in the comments
    I think those kids are as horrible as the next guy does, but really, people.

  11. My husband and my daughter don’t get along at all. He woke me up this morning by screaming at me about what a ****** **** I am because he snuck into my cell phone while I was asleep and read texts from my daughter wishing me a Merry Christmas. He threw his gifts away after he opened them. Then he tried to break one of her gifts by slamming it on the floor. He called me every foul name in the book in front of my dad and 14 y.o. son. My dad left with his gifts still wrapped. Hope your Christmas is better.

  12. My mom who was the kindest person on earth, died during Christmas dinner.

  13. Can’t buy me love

  14. I’m grateful and I got wash cloths and socks that don’t fit! I know you may not like the gifts that are given but , it’s stuff to open and its stuff given to you for free that you don’t even need. Just be nice and make the best of it ! I mean they are not the greatest gifts but its something (:

  15. Seriously, its all spoiled brats who hate their parents because they didn’t get the present they wanted or felt that a few $100 wasn’t enough. It’s pure greed.
    Presents are a secondary thing. It’s all about being with your family. While people moan about their parents not getting them good presents, be thankful you still have your parents because there will come a time when they are not around

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