Tom Selleck Photoshopped into Waterfall Scenes With a Sandwich




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  1. Suddenly, I’m thinking Arby’s.

  2. I LOVE it, so funny – especially the one in the grass suit and the one after with the vine in front of his face. Good way to wake up pissing myself laughing :D

  3. That is what I’m calling art!

  4. Why aren’t there any Quigley pictures? It would be a fine touch to such a Perfect collection of art!

  5. Just buttiful! LOL

  6. mmm… tastefully done.

  7. mmmm… yummy… what sandwich???

    • Much agreed, Soylent. Sad that your opinion is considered “trolling” because it comes from a place of honest criticism and doesn’t follow the flock.

  8. Soylent Green Is People

    This is worth a slight, muted chuckle and that’s about it. If you find this funny to the point where you feel compelled to share it with your friends, or actually ‘LOL’, you are what’s wrong with popular culture.

    • No, YOU are what’s wrong with society…period. There are a billion other reasons to hate popular culture, for instance: ‘Trolling’. Get off your high horse and live a little. This is funny, you are just bitter.

    • well played 11/10

  9. …I feel like a cigarette now…

  10. Is there such a thing as plain cheese?

    Dear @Soylent. Is there something wrong with popular culture? Sometimes snippets of the surreal have genius deep within them, like the one with the salad roll poking upwards just like his gun. If that isn’t making a statement about obesity and celebrity culture, then what is?

  11. Sandwich Surprise

    Thanks for making my year. Seriously, this is so dumb and so wonderful.

  12. I really doubt this is photo shopped.

  13. Nothing says a ‘bath house’ like waterfalls, moustaches….and sandwiches…

  14. Oh gawd yes !!!

  15. Why? Tom Selleck is his own reason. I forgot how cute he used to be. On his current series, all he does is grimace. Waste of a good face.


  17. Love them all.

  18. Eye Candy!!! Leave out the sandwiches!!!

  19. You know, he was,… is, one of my all time favorites.

  20. Look at that lip sweater

  21. I really want a sandwich. …

  22. This is pure gold. Genius!!

  23. Scooby Doo just starved to death

  24. The sandwich in the first one looks good

  25. Is this on the basis that you only need Tom Selleck, a sandwich and a waterfall in order to be happy?

  26. Seriously not funny

  27. All the complainers come to a site called sad and useless and complain because it’s sad and useless?

  28. Interesting, but why Tom?
    Oh yeah, now I want a sandwich all of a sudden. LOL!

  29. No PB&J? Why not?

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