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  1. How in the hell is it a bad thing to bring musical instruments to parties? Since when is electronic music better than live music played with instruments?
    There are those who appreciate free live music more than whatever the dj plays.

  2. Unicorn is a real ****

  3. Says the guy who brings the guitar to the party

  4. I love it when the comments are funnier than the cartoons…

  5. lol i was thinking the same about the guitar thing

  6. The author of that book obviously has had a girlfriend stolen by a guy who brings a guitar to a party.

  7. … and one more thing: I was in New Orleans last month… and if I gave every dirty dreadlocked hippy junkie homeless punk money who asked for it, I probably wouldn’t have had enough to return home. Then I would be on the streets there too begging for people’s hard earned money like a damn socialist. CW Moss must have zero experience making eye contact with homeless people, haha!

  8. Walking his child on a leash…

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